Tuesday, December 20, 2011

On Rejection

I just got the coolest rejection letter ever... For my short, The Accidental Pirate.

Wait, you are happy about a rejection letter?

Yes, actually. Pleased as punch. This particular rejection letter not only told me that the editor took the time to read my piece but gave me most valuable feedback on why she didn't pick it up. Apparently, for their guidelines, there wasn't quite enough sexual detail and they wanted more resolution to the suspense. Valuable info, that. In the future, when querying that house, I know what they are looking for and can better hit it.

In addition to telling me what she wanted to see, she included what she liked about the piece I sent her. They liked the style and voice as well as the characterization. They even encouraged me to consider them in the future.

So getting rejected is a good thing?

Yes. And although this piece may not have fit her house, by telling me what she saw, I can already think of a list of people who it would fit better. And, again, the knowledge of what she is looking for helps me make pieces for her a better fit into her guidelines for future works.

Rejection can sting. I know that. No one WANTS to see that something they worked so hard on didn't make the cut. But if you sit down and read the rejection letter, often you can find value in what was said.

Just remember, in writing, like so many other aspects of life, if you want it bad enough, you can get it. The system is set up in a way that it weeds out those who don't.

Keep every rejection letter as they are the maps that will help you find your way. Keep every rejection letter because you can look back on them and smile later. Keep them and learn from them.

Happy Writing!


  1. Very valuable information thanks!

  2. Love the blog..
    And find it ironic you said "Hit it"
    Turn on the air conditioning woman.. Your future books are about to get HoT HOT HOT

  3. From your lips to Amazons ears... lol ;)