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SPANK OR TREAT 2014 *** 18+ Contest & Story!

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And now for the story…

An Excerpt from The Elder Warlock

Snickering, Pepper closed her eyes, sure that Bethey would ramble from one tale to the next, keeping Gray occupied for at least the near future. Since she hadn’t planned to stop for more than a few minutes at the get together—and since Gray had gotten her motor running before they’d arrived—she figured she might have just enough time to satisfy herself. If she took the edge off her need, perhaps she’d be more patient in waiting for the human to finish his ‘exciting’ visit to the witch party.
Secure in her privacy, she wiggled out of her underwear and spread herself to the moon. Something about being outside—under the sky and open to the universe—always flat out did it for her. Sliding one fingertip between her legs, she began to tease herself.
Opening her eyes, she scanned to be sure she was alone. The last thing she needed was one of her cousins interrupting before she’d managed to orgasm.
The quick scan revealed glowing eyes peering at her from the cover of trees, and she gasped. Sitting up fast, she yanked down the skirt and tried to decide exactly what she saw. It looked like eyes, but gleaming in the darkness. Maybe some trick of the moonlight on some previously unnoticed reflective material?
But the eyes moved, coming closer, until a tall figure revealed itself from the concealing shadows of the forest. “Don’t stop now, lovely witch. The show was just getting interesting.”
Something about the man—whether it was the almost gliding way he seemed to move or the absolute silence of his advance across the clearing—sent chills racing up her arms and left goose bumps raised in their wake. “Who are you?” If her tone sounded demanding, she didn’t care. He’d interrupted her right as things began to feel good. She’d be cranky soon, if the night continued to progress at this rate. Twice stopped from getting off—first by the call from her cousin to stop by before she headed home and now by the stranger—wasn’t how she planned to spend her evening. “And why are you here? This is private property.”
The man smiled, seeming amused. “Very private, based on your choice of activity.”
His glance at her body seemed positively hungry, wakening a startling and unwelcome surge of desire in Pepper. “I hardly see why I should defend my behavior when I’m supposed to be here and you’re trespassing. Who are you?”
“A valid point. However, on the night when the Elder Warlock rides the winds, don’t you think your behavior outdoors is tempting fate?” He hadn’t halted his progress, coming closer as he’d spoken, only finally bending down to kneel in front of her once he’d gotten within arm’s reach.
She should be frightened by his nearness, by his strange appearance, and his eerie glowing eyes, but her family and friends were less than a shout away, so she couldn’t work up the proper panic at his presence. “So you heard Arabeth’s retelling of that old story? I hardly think that in this day and age I need to fear something as ridiculous as the Elder Warlock. Also, you still haven’t answered my questions. Who are you, and why are you here?” The glowing eyes must mean he was a creature of some magical background, however she was sure no one new moved into the area. Her mother and sister, not to mention her nosy cousins, would have mentioned it. Besides, in a small town, she likely would have run into him if he was new to the area. She’d never seen him before.
She would have remembered if she had, as would have her family members since he was truly a memorable looking man. From the almost dashing cut of his theatrical long coat to the crisp whiteness of his shirt fluttering in the breeze, the man simply oozed confidence. For Pepper, nothing struck her as quite so sexy as a confident man. Beyond those notable characteristics, his face seemed carved from ivory—chalky pale in the gleam of moonlight. Though she shouldn’t be able to see color in the darkness, she could clearly see the aching blue of his eyes, the hue reminiscent of the seam of aching azure visible when the sun began to rise or right before it vanished at sunset. The vibrancy of that shade, magnified by his dark hair and pale skin, might have seemed almost pretty on a smaller man, but this stranger?
He was huge, much taller than her and broader in the shoulder. Nothing about the severe lines of his just scruffy jaw or the musculature the flowing coat didn’t manage to hide spoke of anything so feminine for her to be tempted to use pretty for a descriptor.
While she studied him, he seemed equally content to look her over. She became aware that her panties lay in a defeated heap near her hand, not to mention her nipple practically poked out, visible as a peak under her silky blouse. Biting her lip again, she raised her chin, refusing to be ashamed because she sought to relieve perfectly healthy sexual hunger in a place that should have remained private…
If not for her strange and uninvited visitor. “Sir? Your name?”
“Yes, call me sir, Pepper.” The way his voice curved around her name sent more shivers over her skin and seemed to ignite a fresh and almost overwhelming need between her legs. She didn’t remember telling him her name and tried to remember for sure if she had.
“Regardless of if I call you sir or Rumpelstiltskin, you still haven’t explained what you’re doing rambling about in the woods on private property.” Refusing to be cowed, or to let the man realize that he’d excited her in so short an acquaintance, she folded her arms across her chest and scowled at him. “And if you don’t tell me why you’re here, I’ll shout and someone will come running to see what is wrong.”
“No,” he grinned. “You won’t. You’re intrigued. You’re turned on, and I can smell it from here. You’re curious. You’re not afraid, and you don’t really care what my name is. You’ve been longing for something dangerous, something different—something truly magical—in your life, Pepper. Maybe that is why I’m here.” Instead of backing off or getting closer, the man simply sat down, making himself comfortable and splaying his legs toward her. “Am I right?”
Leaning back against her tree, she unfolded her arms, letting them lie at her sides comfortably. “You’re making a lot of assumptions and you have very little to base them on, stranger.”
“Sir,” he repeated. “I asked you to call me sir.”

Stories, whether human fairytales or magical mythos, often rose out of realistic fears and Jadon understood that many feared warlocks with his particular power set. Taking advantage of the story of the Elder Warlock to feed his gift had become a tradition of his and one he had no plans on quitting any time soon.
But when he cast out into the night seeking a match, a witch with hungers he’d only be too happy to sate, he’d never before come across a woman who so immediately tempted not only his magic but his mind as well.
Something about Pepper ignited him, and he suddenly looked forward to playing his role. First, however, he’d need to convince her to join him.
“Sir? Really? Lemme guess, you’re into some kind of kinky play that involves the woman submitting to your dominance? Maybe spanking, cuffs, little hot wax by candlelight? Role play, what? Because, sweetie, if you’re going for shock value, you’re talking to the wrong witch.” Although her words might sound dismissive, she’d not moved from her relaxed pose against the tree, body language open and inviting.
Almost as inviting as the scent of her desire, ripe and blossoming in the night air like a precious bloom he craved to pluck.
“Your words may be derisive, but your pulse practically sings an aria of unsated desires. If I told you I could give you what you’ve been longing for…if I promised to spend this night with you and leave your body so limp from pleasure that you wouldn’t want to move for a week, would you be interested in joining me in a bit of that roleplaying kinkiness you’re scorning?”
Her breath caught and she licked her lips, canting her head as she considered his words. “You’re a stranger trespassing on private property.”
“Do you care?” he rejoined.
Slowly she shook her head. “You want to play…”
He nodded. Yeah, he wanted to play. With her until her release freed her powers to wash over him.
Her lovely dark eyes narrowed, as if she searched for the catch in his offer. “And you’re willing to make all those promises about your performance? I’m not sure if you’re cocky or…”
“Oh, I’m cocky,” he smirked. “I’m cocky because I know I can deliver what I offer. Yes or no, Pepper?”
She stood and for a moment he feared she’d be the first one his power found who would turn away from his salacious promise.
But instead of turning away, she stalked over to him, straddling his legs and posing above him to just give him a glimpse of her still plump and wet slit. “I’ll play. So, it is Elder Warlock and naughty witch?”
He nodded, trailing one fingertip up her leg and watching her eyes carefully. “Yes, Pepper, and you’ve been a very, very naughty girl.”
Her slow smile didn’t seem even slightly apologetic. “Then punish me, Warlock, if you think you can.”
Most men wouldn’t push her further away when viewing what had to be a profoundly overt display of carnality. If she shoved her crotch into a man’s face, she expected him to either worship it or at least try to have sex immediately.
Not her Elder Warlock. He backed her up with his palms planted firmly on her thighs and then stood to tower over her, saying nothing.
Instead of boring her, his intense and consistent attention ratcheted her tension higher, as if he gave her time to consider all possible ramifications of her easy agreement.
But she was a woman who took what she wanted, him included, and she wasn’t walking away. He might be a stranger, but her gut screamed he was important. Every fiber of her being seemed to agree—she wanted him and the hell with consequences.
Finally, he traced a single fingertip down her nose. “I will have to punish you, but something tells me I may need to be creative. For now, though, I think we’ll begin with a standard method of chastisement. Place your hands on the tree, Pepper.”
Shrugging, she did as he bade her, bending as his hand urged her to walk her hands down the rough bark. She’d been spanked before, using a wide and inventive list of tools. Nothing this magical man could think of in this area should be a surprise, and besides…she’d long ago realized that the increased blood flow to the surface of her skin only served to make her even more sensitive to other, more mundane acts that generally followed a good paddling.
“I think three…yes, that should be sufficient.”
She blew out a breath. Even if he was sexy as hell and with her intuition chiming in his favor, she still battled annoyance. If he was only going to smack her thrice, he might as well not even bother, since she’d need more—
His hands eased up the backs of her legs, pushing and bunching the fabric of her skirt until he revealed her backside to the night air. Like a thousand sparks of electricity, his touch almost made her skin crawl…
But in a very good way. She shivered, hairs on her arms standing on end, and dug her fingertips into the bumps of bark to ensure she didn’t move away from his ministrations. Once he bared her bottom, he spent long minutes exploring the flesh there, molding it in his hands and further exciting her as she waited for him to strike.
Then his hand clapped down on her ass, the smack of noise echoing with an almost eerie reverberation in the clearing. Her eyes opened wide, as did her mouth, but no sound escaped as she tried to process the sensations he sent tumbling through her.
Power, some kind of strange magical surge that tasted like lightning and ignited a thousand tiny fires beneath her skin before pooling between her legs in moist heat seemed to overwhelm her senses. Besides all the electrical impulses which fried her ability to think and sent her body into overdrive, the actual feel of his hand impacting her ass cheek warmed the area—some weird blending of pleasure and pain which nearly tossed her over the edge of orgasm with just that first spank.
Panting, she dug her nails into the bark and it crumbled a bit, some biting into her skin. Before she’d manage to sort through the cascading pleasure of his strike, his hand again smacked against her. The low crooning sound which she heard past the thudding of her galloping pulse couldn’t be her, yet it was.
She wanted to tell him it was too much, to tell him to stop before he did it again and completely shattered her rioting nervous system, but before she could remember how to form words, his hand again struck her ass and her knees buckled.
Although the pleasure was more than she’d found before, it wasn’t an orgasm and his treatment made her starved for more. His hand around her waist dragged her back to her feet and she hung there for a moment, trying to remember how to breathe.
“Three. Yes, as I thought, that should suffice.” He turned her, almost gentle in his movement as if he understood her entire body trembled with power and strange hungers. Looking back into his unusual eyes, she felt lost for a second and almost believed he could be the Elder Warlock.
If any man could claim the title, after all, it had to be this one.
His mouth opened again, as if he would speak, but she didn’t need his words. She needed his flesh. She needed him to fulfill the promise and power of his spanking with sex and she craved release.
Going up on her toes, she captured his perfect face in her hands and slanted her mouth across his.

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