Saturday, December 31, 2011

Out with the old...

New Year's Eve is upon us.

(May it be noted that today is also the last day of my NaBloPoMo challenge and WOOT!! I did it!!! A blog a day for a whole month!!!)

With New Year's Eve, there are all kinds of interesting posts popping up about what people are resolving to do for the new year. About how next year is going to be different. About things that they want to see happen with the new year...

It makes me wonder (and yes, this is where the virgrant begins) why we think that a new year is a new beginning.

I went to see that movie We Bought a Zoo yesterday with the kids. It is a true story based on a family who bought a zoo. (You can actually see the zoo's website here and donate to keep it open.) In the movie, Benjamin Mee is a writer who states that with 20 seconds of pure courage, you can dare to do anything.

(Okay, the movie had me from the first line... when they mentioned he was a writer. )

How often do we say that we are going to change this or that or do this or that and never do it?

I want to climb the pyramids. I want to swim with dolphins. I want to change the world.

But it gets put off. Maybe I will do it when I have more money. Perhaps next year because this year I am very busy with work and the kids. Maybe once I figure out my relationship. After I loose ten pounds.

Why not TODAY?

My point-and the linking factor between New Year's and Benjamin Mee is this...

If you have a dream, something that you want but don't do for whatever excuses you feed yourself everyday to keep doing the stupid crap you think you HAVE to do...

Stop it.

Chase your dream.

You only have one life. And most elderly, when asked what they would go back and change if they could change anything, is that they would have dared more. Risked more. Said yes to more chances when they happened. When asked if they want to go on the trip or spend time with friends, they answered, "I have to work." Looking back, that payroll wasn't the thing that made memories.

The things they DID filled their lives.

I walked away from an office job not long ago. It was a comfortable job and I could buy clothes if I wanted them and eat in nice restaurants and afford trips now and again.

And now I am a stay at home mom/student/author/editor/reviewer.

I am really happy to have that list of what I am. I can't always afford the luxuries that came with working insane hours. When I quit the job, I felt as if I was leaping off a financial cliff and I was sure to fall flat on my face.

Well, looking back, money is tight. But you know what?

I hated my office job. I hated my life.

I love my life now. The challenges I face are because I am living my dreams.

If I have another stroke tomorrow and don't live to see 2012...

I will know I did it my way.

What do you want? What is the thing that would take that 20seconds of raw courage to do? What is your adventure?

Are you going to grab it by the ass and knock it into submission?

Or are you going to 'resolve' to change your life?

2011 has come and gone. So have all the years before it.

Don't let 2012 go on 'plans' and 'somedays.'

Don't make resolutions.

Make change.

Happy writing!

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