Thursday, December 15, 2011

The ABC’s of me

I talk about everyone else in my life on here and what I think of them. So I figured it was about time to do one all about myself...

A- A place you visited?

Colorado. And I loved it. The sky was an azure blue like nothing I have ever seen anywhere else. And it amazed me, standing in the foothills of the Rocky mountains, how it seemed you could see forever. Since I was born in the Appalachian Mountains, I thought all mountains started out rolling hills and then worked their way up. Finding out that in some places they jut out of the prairie, in rugged majesty, and point at the sky as if daring it to touch them. Just... Breathtaking.

B- Something you bought?

Recently? Christmas presents for the brat pack, of course!

C-Can you do something unusual?

I can bend my thumb joint over and touch my pinkie one. I have a double joint in my thumb. Yeah, I think that is pretty weird, right?

D- Did you ever do it in a strange place?

Wow, getting personal, aren't we? Yes, I sure have. And, no. I am not telling you where. Sheesh. Nosy much?

E- What is the weirdest thing you have ever eaten?

Either cheese covered grubs or chocolate covered ants. I think most people would consider that universally weird, right? The grubs tasted like Cheetos and the ants like chocolate full of Rice Crispies. (Then again, everything tastes better covered in chocolate.)

F- Favorite food?

Chocolate! That counts as a food, right?

G-Give or get?


H- Have you ever sang in public?

Yes, but like Janie, the main character in my Odd Stuff series, not many who heard me survived. Sad, really.

I- I want to be when I grow up...(fill in the blank)

An astronaut. It could still happen...

J- Just for fun I like to...

Travel! I love seeing new places and exploring. There is an adventure out there... You just have to find it.

K- Kindle or Nook?

Kindle. I love mine. It is AWESOME.

L- Love more than anything...

My brat pack, of course!

M- My favorite place to write is...

Wherever the coffee is hot. I am a coffee addict.

N- Nothing can come between me and my...

Coffee!! Yes, it is really that important. And books. Gads, I have a lot of books...

O-One thing I would love to take out of a movie and have in my house is...

The Beast's library from Beauty in the Beast. Oh, the shelves!

P- People drive me nuts when they...

Say really rude things and then try to make it better with, "Just kidding!" or some other lame line that makes it seem okay that they are being an ass. Oh, and the misuse of quotation marks in signage. Especially when they put them around the word, "Sale!" Okay, are we just calling it a sale or is it actually a sale? What is with the quotation marks???

Q- Question you refuse to answer?

Well, if I refuse to answer it, why would I tell you?

R- Really love?
I really love shoes. It is a sick addiction. We literally have a shoe PILE.

S- Stupidest thing you have ever done was...
I could write a list. I am sure it has to do with breaking something. I am a horrible clutz.

T- Tell me about one of your books?
Well, the one I am working on right now seems like it is going to be fun. It is about a ghost who invades the home of her boyfriend's ex-wife. I had a lot of fun killing her off and now she is torturing the main character. It is going to be a fun paranormal. Look for more on it later.


Wow. Again with the really personal question. Okay, for this one I will tell you it is none of your business. Sheesh. People, really?

V-Virginia, do you believe in Santa?

I have to. If you don't believe in the magic, it doesn't work. Besides, there are too many songs and movies reminding me to believe. How can I not?

W- Where in the world would you go if you could go anywhere?
Easy. Ireland. Next question?

X- Any X-rays? Broken bones?

Lots of x-rays of my head. I had a couple strokes and it was sort of required. But broken bones, no. And I hope I never have any.

Y- You win the lottery... what will you buy?

Not much. I will keep a crappy car. I love my house. I think I would draw comfort about not having to worry about money and travel a bit but I don't really need much more than what I have. I am a lucky gal.

Z- Favorite zoo animal?

Girraffe. I love the way they run, as if in slow motion and so graceful, and yet cover so much ground with each stride. Love.


  1. Love this post - I may have to steal your idea later this year. So many fun things we get to learn about you! The underwear one was funny! It's nice to know you still believe in magic :)


  2. Thank you!! And feel free, steal away ;)