Friday, December 23, 2011

Best of food ~ 2011

We all know I am not a cook or a baker... *cough* *sputter* *ahem*

I am, however, a fat kid. And I loooooove to eat. So today on the blog, I wanted to highlight the recipes that others were kind enough to cook me that really made my year (and made me happy for yoga pants...)

Ham Chowder

This recipe is AWESOME. I am pretty sure this is the one we are using. It is creamy and delicious and fantastic with a nice loaf of focaccia.

Click here to go to All Recipes for the fantastic recipe.

Broccoli Slaw

A friend of mine from work shared her recipe for this one. It is super easy.
A package of Broccoli Slaw (I found it at WalMart...)
Almond slivers
Cheddar Cheese
Hellman's Mayo
Cider Vinegar
Some sugar

You just mix all that up, mixing the liquids till they look like a slaw (Yes, I made this one so no, I don't have exact measurements, sorry.) and then it is delicious!!! I am pretty sure it is good for you... But the bacon and cheese make it worth it. (Also, I have a sick addiction to crasins. Freaking amazing little things...)

Homemade Alfredo

Again, this is one I actually MADE.

A package of Philadelphia cream cheese
Some of that garlic in oil stuff from the grocery store
Stick of butter
some milk
fresh parmesean

All you do is put the garlic and butter in a skillet until they melt together in a smelly mix. Then you add the philly. You mix that until it is sort of a boogery mess but the philly is thoroughly melted. Then add the milk until it turns all creamy and dreamy. Toss in some parm for flavor and VOILA!! SOoooOOO much better than the jar stuff. You can add other spices (Salt and pepper and such) to taste. You can combine this with shrimp, chicken, broccoli or just noodles (depending on both your laziness and the contents of your freezer.

Oh mah goodness is it awesome.


Okay, I have no idea if this recipe is like the one I had. It was a mouthgasm. It was cake, drizzled in espresso and chocolate and then fluffy with whipped cream. But this recipe LOOKS like mine tasted so let me know... Find the recipe here.

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