Saturday, December 10, 2011

Busy is a good thing.

A busy author is a good thing.

There are mornings that I wake up and look at the 'to be done' stack and want to weep. There is so much to do! I need a personal assistant or at least another couple of hands and eyes or hours in the day...

But here is the thing-

I am an artist. Artists like to do funny things like eat and wear clothes and sleep in beds. You can only do these things if you are actually getting paid for your work.

I have work that needs to be done because I AM getting paid for my work or have reason to believe I will be. Having lots of work that needs done and projects so plentiful that some have gotten back burnered for the time being...

A really good thing. I am blissful in this state like I am in no other.

So basically, anytime you hear us writer types saying that we are up late and have a deadline or that we have this huge pile of things that needs done yesterday...

Smile. Pat us on the back. Because it means that we are working and in any field of the arts that is a very, very good thing.