Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tree killing

Since I don't like live trees (John Denver and the Muppets brainwashed me as a child. I believe trees have souls and murdering one so I can hang lights on it seemed cruel to me), I have never before went to a tree farm to get a tree. This year, two of the kids and I tagged along while my best friend and her parents went to get trees.

It was so COOL.

For one, they had horse drawn wagons. And I really liked the horses. I was one of those kids who wanted to ride from the moment that I realized you COULD ride horses and to this day, I still have dreams of being Elizabeth Taylor in National Velvet.

Another cool thing was the kids and the laughter and the snow.

Oh, and the guy let us drive the wagon... AWESOME.

They had free popcorn and peanuts while we stood and watched the tree get magically shoved through a machine and tied up... Altogether it was just FUN.

Here are some pics from our tree adventure. (Two photoblogs in one day... wowza, right?)

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