Sunday, December 4, 2011

The perfect place to kill someone!

I tend to have a bit of a one track mind. I was texting my best friend and asking about CPR. She was a lifeguard and I had already talked to a paramedic, an LPN, a few other medical types... so I was verifying some information and asking about bruising, ribs...

And not thinking about how the questions sounded to her at all.

So texting merrily away and asking about it and my bruising questions and such and she mentions clearing airways and all of the sudden I look around and I realize I have both my children AND HERS and that from her point of view it might be disturbing to have these sort of questions being fired her direction.

I quickly text her that they were book related questions and mention that the kids are all FINE and that I hope she knew that I would NEVER google/text if in a life dependent situation for medical advice...

She responded that she figured it was book stuff.

But it all reminded me of another night in Toledo. We were on a vacation for some school trip or another and staying at this lovely hotel. We went out to this Mongolian barbeque and I was fascinated by it all... the almost dancing style of the cooking, the smells, the tastes...

While we sat at our table, I am having an animated discussion with our party. And as the waiter was returning with drinks, I am waving a fork and pointed out, "This would be a fantastic place to kill someone!"

All of the sudden, the waiter dropped what he was holding.

I blinked at him, shocked. Everyone else started laughing. I wasn't sure why they were laughing at the poor guy. I mean, he dropped stuff.

Took me a minute to catch on but my best friend was quick to comfort the nervous waiter, pointing out, "Don't worry. She is an author. She doesn't have any mayhem planned for tonight."

Ah... single-minded devotion to ones craft has its upsides. But it also has its downsides...

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