Tuesday, April 3, 2012

There is a glitch in the Matrix...

There is a glitch in the Matrix...

If you have seen Matrix, you know that deja vous means that there is a glitch...something has changed.

Well, my best pal has a theory on deja vous and I have thought it was pretty spot on since she said it.

In life we have paths to chose from. If we pick the wrong path, usually we know it. Things go wrong...almost like the universe starts throwing down roadblocks. Sometimes you just are going down the path at the wrong time (like me with college...first time I tried to go it was roadblocked. Second time, roadblocked. This time has gone smooth as hell...It was apparently the right time.)

But if we are on the right path, how do we know?

Her theory was deja vous. And I have noticed that there are times in my life when I have WAY more deja vous...usually when things are about to happen. Maybe that is where the Matrix writer got the idea to use it for a plot point. Maybe they, like me, have periods that are particularly deja vous filled.

If my buddy is right, well, I am on the right path. Which is good because lately the path has been sort of dark and full of prickers...so it is good to know that perhaps it is all for a reason.

Even if I can't see it in the dark.

Have you ever had a glitch in your Matrix?

Happy writing!


  1. Yeppers!
    Remember...stay on your path...
    Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming...

  2. I've noticed a lot of glitches along my journey. However, one simple move and WHAM! Everything starts moving right along. There have been more than a few bumps in the road, but those are simply hiccups.
    I guess that means that I'm on right path as well.
    LOL @HCharju DORRIE!!

  3. Eh-Scah-Peh...Hey! That is spelled just like escape!
    Love Dorrie!
    Yup, just keep swimming and the hiccups shall pass :)

  4. My theory on deja vous is that I had a precognitive dream about the event before.