Sunday, April 8, 2012

Lips of Velvet gets 5 Stars!!

Have I mentioned that I love reviewers? If I haven't, I do. Especially the lovely person over at Night Owl Reviews who just posted the first review to come back for Lips of Velvet, my March Rebel Ink Press release.

5 Stars!! And a Night Owl Reviews Top Pick!!

I'm over the moon happy!

Some of what was said:

Wow. I honestly mean, wow!

...this author took the story to the extremes. By that, I mean that she developed a great connection to her readers and by the end of page one I was hooked! ...This book reminds readers that love is unexpected, random, and yet it is a beautiful thing. Also, that it comes in many shapes, sizes, and that love is NOT gender discriminatory. This book has got me very excited to read more of her work in the future, especially if it’s as fun as this one was!

Read the whole review here!!

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