Sunday, April 29, 2012

Saturday, Saturday, Saturday!!!

Hopefully when you read that, it kind of echoed like it was supposed to and you heard the announcer voice in your head...yeah...

Anyway, yesterday was a wonderful day full of fun and frolicking through meadows full of flowers and...


Okay, I gotta admit, I have never been a frolic through meadows kind of gal.

I am however THIS kind of gal.

Yes, that is me, firing a gun at a plastic bottle filled with colored water. The bottle I was aiming at was filled with green colored water and exploded in a rain of green water (take that zombie water!) and you may also note my lovely pink nail reason a gal can't be feminine and kick ass...

So, Saturday we were invited to a friends shooting party. If you don't have friends who have shooting parties, these sort of events are a chance for people who are gun enthusiasts to pull their weapons out of the safety of locked gun cabinets and bring them over for some target practice. We aim at a variety of things from clay pigeons to paper targets to (my personal favorite) the water bottles/pop bottles filled with colored water.

(I rock with rifles. I suck at handguns. My teenage son is great with both. In case of zombie apocalypse, I plan on reloading him as much as possible and just cleaning guns and keeping him armed.)

There were a wide variety of weapons at this shooting party and my son was thrilled to get to try out stuff he hasn't tried out before (this is him trying out an AK74). He is a weapons enthusiast and since he has so far shown the proper respect for what the weapons CAN do and is quiet, patient and moves slowly, I allow those who understand them to teach him more about them to encourage that respect to grow. I'm not scared of people who respect weapons...I'm scared of people who hold guns and DON'T comprehend what they can do with one slip and wave them around like morons.

This weapon was NOT loaded while he was holding it. But it was heavy. Hence his grin. He was afraid to shoot this Maverick 308...he was nervous about the kick.

We got to see some cool pieces of history as well. My favorite was probably the Mauser.

The Mauser, according to Tony, the owner, was a Czech WW2 Mauser that was authentic and he got it from the local grocery store. (If you haven't been to our local grocery store and seen the stuffed bear, you wouldn't understand how one could get a gun there could.) I held weighs a TON and it still fires. When it fires, it managed to knock him back a kicks.

I researched the Mauser a little online. It turns out that his 8mm Mauser, 24" barrel is a 1937 dated rifle...Czech VZ-24. According to what I can find, it dates one year prior to the Sudeten Crisis.
It really kicks, knocked Tony back a few inches when he fired it and it was LOUD.

Probably because it is loaded with this. I think you could probably take out a zombie with this. Or an elephant. Holy wowza. I do know, for a fact, it can blow a ginormic hole in a two liter bottle of red dyed water. SPLAT.

At the shooting party, I got to eat smoked round roast. It turns out that men are far better cooks than me. Yeah, you are thinking to yourself that the competition there wasn't that great to begin with but they SMOKED the roast over water soaked applewood and it tasted amazing.

After that, I slapped on a little makeup and headed to Tony's sisters house for a spa party.

Yes, guns to spa in one day. That is my kinda Saturday. After some pampering, we talked books. I had a BLAST. I had a glass of hot tea, veggie pizza, some lovely toffee cheeseball with vanilla wafers that just exploded with flavor in your mouth, good company and we were talking books while being pampered.


Then, in a rare event, all of my children were elsewhere for the evening.

What is a gal to do when she is single, sexy, pampered and home alone on a Saturday night?

Edits, of course!

Speaking of which, I need to get back to them.

Hope your weekend was as fun as mine (and a much needed tension breaker after last weeks stress filled chaos and finals week ahead)!!
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Until tomorrow, Happy writing!

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