Sunday, April 1, 2012

Historical Spot

I realized quite some time ago that my blog was an important spot. Some of the guest bloggers that have come...some of the brilliant things I have said...

I realized that this was the place that the magic happened.

What I hadn't really considered was the possibility that, through historical or paranormal means, this blog might occupy a place in the space time continuum that was relevant prior to my occupying it.

When the FBI first contacted me regarding my blog, I became concerned. I mean, all those men and women with their blank faces and shiny sunglasses are disturbing when they come plowing into your living room (Sorry Agent Dombroski. You know I love ya. But you guys were SCARY.)

So they sat down (after they had 'cleared the area') and we all had a nice cup of coffee (except for you, Agent I-prefer-tea-thanks *rolls eyes*) because you all know I make one hell of a cappuccino... and we discussed the importance of my blog.

Apparently it is located over some sort of a hot spot...let me see if I can explain it in less dynamic terms than they used...

The land on Earth is made through a process of subduction. New ocean is formed at mid-ocean ridges and then subducted back and parts are scraped off when it subducts and that becomes land. In the case of Iceland, it is an unusual island because it is an island that sits on a hotspot on a mid-ocean ridge so it just keeps getting more and more enormous...

Ditto for my blog. Apparently the whole UNIVERSE is going through a process of subduction and ideas and such are being scraped off...and creating new universes or something else complicated (I gotta be honest...when they started throwing out mathematical formulas, they lost me) and my blog is the Iceland of ideas.

And apparently this spot has been around for awhile. I just coincidentally live here now.


Like I said, there was a lot of complicated math involved.

Anyway, they gave me this gorgeous metal sign to keep here on the blog...and now you guys know why THIS blog is special.

Happy writing! (And April 1st...You did know it was April 1st, right?)

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