Thursday, April 26, 2012

It's coming...

You may notice a pretty little widget somewhere over there----------------->

Gorgeous, right? And look at all those familiar names...hey, mine is on there with all those amazing authors!!

Must be something big coming soon. And there is a know something important is afoot if there is a countdown.

I can't say what is happening...yet...but I can tell you that we are gonna put the fire in your Memorial Day fireworks, baby.


Oh, and in other exciting news, I have a guest coming to visit the bloggie. He is sexy, rich, powerful and bored, poor thing. I shall try to keep him busy.

What am I talking about? A character interview with one of my BIG character crushes, Max. I can't believe he is coming here, to MY BLOG. *fans self*

Yes, I am taking a shower just for him. And shaving my legs.

You never know...

Maybe I should paint my toenails, too. I hear men find cute toes sexy...

Anyway, much exciting things in the works and books coming soon and...

Wow, it is just a regular party on this blog lately. You guys sure are lucky to be here.

Okay, enough with the chit chat. I have got to go get prettied up before Max gets here.

Later, darlings!
Happy Writing!


  1. whew! your name looks very comfortable amongst the big names. sounds like a fun event. (but how you know it's a 'real' date is if you shave above the knees...)
    happy partying!

  2. I gotta say, my name does look nice in there. I am terribly fangirl for most of them...shhhhh...don't tell them. LOL

    And regarding shaving...I am lucky. Genetics (in a rare twist of kindness after bestowing me with a pear shape, heavy on the lower pear aka butt) was kind and I don't grow any hair above my least not that is visible. And I grow very little hair anywhere on my body. Lots on my head (where you want it as a gal) but little anywhere else. I think that when they were passing out body hair, someone out there realized I was a lazy gal and would hate to they didn't bother to give me anything extra to mess with. LOL!!!
    Sadly, they figured I would need lots of comfortable padding for all this sitting around, reading and they bestowed lots of cushioning. *sigh*
    You win some, you lose some, y'know?