Sunday, April 22, 2012

Kids traveling...

The kids have all been traveling this weekend.  The youngest was off to Euclid for a visit with his aunt and uncle.  They are getting married soon and he has been honored by being asked to take part in their special day.  So, a bit of paperwork later and he is ordained and is helping do the actual ceramony.  Yep, a ten year old minister.  He is excited as can be and has been telling everyone about being ordained...apparently the shock value doesn't get old for a ten year old.

My middle son went to his grandparents to visit this weekend.  Today he and his sister are off for a visit with their father.  He got more oragami books so has been quite happy coming up with new creations including a rocket ship, puzzle box and some other really interesting stuff.

My daughter was with me.  First off, we traveled to Toledo and visited Fort Meigs.  The only fort that stood between the British and all of Ohio, it has a pretty interesting history and we were fascinated learning about this unique time in history.

Then we headed back to our hometown.  There were a few hitches in our weekend (my windshield wipers croaked on my van and the part is both crazy expensive and hard to get) but we had a girly weekend and it was really nice.  She is getting so grown up so any chance to spend time with her, just us girls, is great.  We even made it yard saling (a favorite pasttime of ours) and I got an awesome pair of shoes and she a white derby...and we were most pleased with ourselves.

Now, everyone is home.  At least for another half an hour...until the older two leave for the aforementioned visitation. 

All in all, summer is coming (although they are calling for a snow storm tonight and tomorrow) and this is going to become the norm.  Kids going off in different directions, enjoying their free time...

With me just happy when we are all together again...

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