Friday, April 13, 2012

News, News, News...

A few of my good buddies are over at RT (see, I didn't even writhe in jealously as I typed that) and this morning CNBC posted this little snippet about RT and erotics in general. I found this interesting as they had some industry numbers that I hadn't gotten my eyes on yet.

The snippet, titled Economics of Erotica, which you can see here tells some of Ellora's Cave's well as a lovely pie chart...shows why it is a good time to be an erotica author...


In other news, D. Renee Bagby Presents First Chapters has the first chapter of Lips of Velvet up for your viewing pleasure here. According to a recent 5 Star, Night Owl Reviews Top Pick Award review, this first chapter is enough for you to want to read the book if you haven't yet. (Yes, I am still giddy with glee over that review!!)

As she said, "Wow. I honestly mean, wow! This isn’t exactly what I was expecting to see, but as a recently turned fan to this author, I haven’t picked up much of her work yet. However, this detailed story in just a few short pages kept me on the edge of my chair wanting more."

(Check out the whole review here...awesome review. I love ya, reviewer!!)

So, RT, erotic numbers...First

All in all, lotsa news today.

Oh, and I am in the process of creating my biggest giveaway ever...I can't say too much yet as it is still in the works but...I think you, my fans, may be on FIRE over this idea.


So, enjoy the news and the free first chapter.

Happy writing!!

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