Monday, April 23, 2012

I will survive...

This week is gonna be fun times.

For any of you who went to/are attending college, just me saying, "It is the week before finals," is enough to give you an idea of how fun.

Then, as if that wasn't enough icing on the cake of fun, I have court Thursday. *yippeee!!*

It is also the week of OAA's (which I am no longer proctoring due to the windshield wiper debacle) and all three of my kiddos are in testing.

If I survive all that (plus my normal editing, reviewering, and writing stuff), I am rewarding myself Saturday with both a shooting party and a spa party (I like to mix it up.)

What could be more relaxing than putting holes in things and then getting pampered?

But I have to make it to Saturday to get to do that stuff so...initiative, yeah!!

This morning, I am sitting in silence, one kid gone already, the other two sleeping in so that they are fresh for testing and looking out upon that week with nerves jangling and heart racing. It is going to be interesting...

To say the least.

Everyone has those weeks, where you look at your upcoming schedule and want to go back to bed rather than face all of it.

Me, I'm not getting back in bed. I'm going to kick it's ass. (Yes, that was a personal pep talk. Shuddup, why doncha? I can do this shit. Really. *shuffles feet*)

Hope you all grab this week by the cojones and teach it who is boss.
Happy Writing!

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