Friday, April 13, 2012

Long Day

Today was a very...


Long day.

I didn't get much office time today. I made it to Ashtabula. Picked up a couple of chairs for camping and some neat foldy table things. Picked up a $3 stereo system for my daughter, too. (Love yardsales.)

Got my new fish tank installed. It is ginormic. Even stocked it with some new fish. Two tiny goldfish looked lonely in all that water.

And I most certainly did not freak out that a person came to my house today with the sole intent of judging my home and how I parent my kids.

Yeah, good times.

I don't talk about my personal life a lot on the blog. But, yeah, like a lot of you, I was married once and that marriage ended and we don't get along.

We had kids so not getting along isn't really an option for us. So...we hang out in court way more than I would like.

Our state has something cool called 'family investigations.' This means some outside party comes in and talks to us, and the kids if possible, and looks at our houses and lives and makes a determination based on what they see in a very short period of time.

How terrifying is it that someone who doesn't know you...doesn't know the stuff you have been through or anything else that led you to take a certain path...can come in and in just a few short paragraphs change your life or that of your kids?

I have no idea what that woman thought after seeing my house. She called it a home which is what our house is to us. She seemed very nice but I am sure in her line of work...that is kind of needed.

And it will be WEEKS till I find out what will come of her visit. Tomorrow is another day...and I have plans to go to a lovely dinner at the fairgrounds (to benefit our local football team) and life is supposed to go on as normal.

And all of it with this Edgar Allan Poe variety axe swinging over our heads.

It kind of makes you realize how strange life is...and how fast things can change.

I'm gonna put it all behind me. There really isn't anything else to do with it. Until I know more, I have a new frog to enjoy...and a beautiful new tank that the kids are calling their own personal 'zoo.' (It even has a new frog...see him?)

And homework to be done, books to be edited, life to be lived.

Tomorrow is another day. Middle son has rifle club at 8am.

For now, to bed. Nothing changes from looking at the axe.

Even if I realize that no matter what, someone will probably get hurt by it. And there is nothing I can do to stop it now that it is in motion.


  1. You are wonderful and you have a very homey- home. I am sure that she could see the love and caring in every nook of your house and in every smile from your children.
    (pssst, also, there is always the ax. sometimes it's just up higher in the dark and harder too see. And sometimes--it isn't.) just keep your head high and follow your heart and you'll be fine.
    Also, remember the friends in your life who will catch you if you let them. ;)

  2. Thank you, my friend. You have been here for me through a lot of very serious stuff. Dunno what I would have done withoutcha!

    And a very good point about the ax.