Sunday, April 15, 2012

Lips of Velvet gets 4 Coffee Cups!!

Lips of Velvet got reviewed again...this time by Coffee Time Romance and More! I'm so happy, I could squeal! *throws confetti*

Some snippets of this review:

"It is hard to believe you can pack this much punch in such a few words, but Ms. Nelson delivers with startling results. I love that Sandra’s character is a great mix of eccentricity and innate shyness. It would be easy to picture Sandra as the crazy cat lady on the block, but thankfully Lucy shows up just in time to save her from herself. Their hot little episode in the ladies’ room is more than enough to have you wiping the steam from your screen."

You can check out the whole review on their site here.
Or grab your copy on Amazon, Bookstrand, Barnes and Noble or All Romance Ebooks!
Happy writing!

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