Monday, April 9, 2012

Healthy Easter!

I mentioned that my mom was diagnosed Type 2 diabetic a couple weeks ago.

So, for this Easter, instead of bringing her chocolates, I took her shopping. We picked up some asparagus (Her question was did I know how to cook which I grinned. Actually, I do.), cauliflower, whole wheat stuffing (of which I said she could cheat and have a little) and of course the ham.

Instead of a big pot of brown sugar soaked yams, we have the veggies (and a fresh veggie tray with dip), instead of scalloped potatoes and huge servings of stuffing, we have more veggies.

This will probably go down in history as our most healthy Easter. The kids still got baskets full of sugar for breakfast (I can't control the Easter bunny) but the rest of is going to be a very non-traditional Easter.

I can't say I won't miss the yams and taters. But I can say that I will be happy with the choices since I would rather have my mom than the yams.

Happy Easter to those of you who celebrated it!

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