Tuesday, May 1, 2012


This blog is a placeholder of sorts.

Y'see, if I sit here and write (which I would rather do) I will not get my cramming done.

If I don't get my cramming done, I will fail my finals (which this is the week of...GAH!)

If I fail my finals, they will kick me out of college and I will forever be labeled a big dumb-ie-head.

If I am labeled a big dumb-ie-head, all the cool kids will point and laugh at me.

So, this blog is a placeholder...because I am off studying...and I will be back to amuse you with my wit on Friday. Till then, know I am doing the quadratic equation but I don't know WHY. Also, I am licking rocks and discussing the battle of the bulge. Lots of fun stuff.

So, with love and nails chewed down to the quick I'm off to prove I am not a big dumb-ie-head...or at least that I deserve to keep lurking around the campus for another semester.

Oh, for those of you interested, when I get back to authoring like a good little writer, here is a quick peek at the opening of a book I am working on...

I've made some dumb mistakes in my life...marrying an Elvis impersonator in Vegas, for instance. That shit they tell you about stuff staying in Vegas? Lies. Just sayin.

Thanks to middle son for the word "dumbiehead."

Happy Writing!

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  1. You are waaaay too funny! Loved the sneak peak video music and theme. Thanks Virg.