Tuesday, February 21, 2012


So, Damon Salvatore and I had been fighting bad guys. Through amazing skillfulness and luck, we managed to beat the bad guys. Then, he showed me to a shower like none I had ever seen before. It had jets of water coming from every direction and I was washed in steam the moment I stepped in.

Great shower.

So, I came out, still damp from the shower and Damon was sprawled, naked of course, across the most gorgeous bed that I had ever seen. With a cockeyed grin, he gestured for me to join him. Before I could, a wet, cold nose jabbed me in the chin followed by a canine whine.


Tank isn't really the dogs name. But we met in a very unusual way. When I moved to my current home, I was still working in an office about an hour away and I had to get up crazy early (4am) to get to work.

One morning, my kids headed out the door ahead of me and immediately started squealing. "Oh, look at the cute little puppy!"


And then a St. Bernard plowed out of the darkness and into my living room.

SIT! I remember howling. And, obediently, the enormous animal plopped on his haunches.

Since that long ago morning, I learned that Tank (as we called her...not her real name) lived on the next farm over. Tank had an invisible fence.

Sometimes Tank decides she is going to come see us...check how we are doing... collect some love from my kids and she doesn't give a rats ass about the invisible fence when she decides any of this.

Now Tank occasionally comes down. We call her owner to let them know she has come down. She visits for a bit and he comes to collect her.

So, probably I should have expected that she was about due for a visit.

Still...uh, DAMON, people.


And ohmahlord that shower...

Happy Writing!!

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