Sunday, February 19, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday--Sneak Peek at Taking Control

Figured I would share a little something from one of my latest works in progress today for Six Sentence Sunday.

The blurb:

When she got voted off Find Your Hubby, a reality tv gameshow, Mellie gave up on finding love. Everyone knows that you are more likely to get hit by lightning than find a husband once you're 40. Using the last of her winnings in a spur of the moment fling, she pays for a matchmaking service that offers you the perfect person--for one night only.

When the 'perfect person' they find her is a woman, she first questions their selection service...Then her own desires.

F/F erotic
The Bachelor meets snark meets erotic on an island with chocolate. What more could you want?

The excerpt:

“Would you like to dance?”

Again, bright color flooded her dates cheeks. “I can’t dance to this kind of music, to be honest.”

The thumping tempo of the music called to Alex. “Dancing to this kind of music is easy. It is like having sex with your clothes on in a room full of people. Simple.”

Look for it coming soon...

Oh and if you liked the picture... It is from an article on CBS News about being allergic to sex and other strange allergies. Click on the pic for more info...

Until then, happy writing!


  1. Does being allergic to sex curb the appetite for it or just make it bad?'s almost as depressing as wanting and not getting it. I need chocolate.

  2. Apparently it is more about women who are allergic to semen. As I have never been particularly fond of semen, I am considering claiming I have this allergy in the future...

    I mean, one of the names for it is ....snot. There is a reason for that. #justsayin lol