Sunday, February 5, 2012


Although I yardsale like a bargain hunter on a binge, I tend to shop like a man.

Go in the store with military precision, grab the needed stuff, get the hell out of there before they suck me in.

I also probably frustrate the hell out of the salespeople. I tend to put things in my buggy, thinking I want them, then look at them five seconds later and think something along the lines of, "Do I really want to pay $7 for garbage bags? I mean, I am going to throw them away. That is their whole purpose..." And then I take them back out, in the shampoo aisle and stick them on the shelf.

Yeah, I am cheap. (And you don't want me to shop in your store.)

My best friend is NOT a man. Nor does she shop like one.

But she knows my weakness.

I love soft and squashy sweaters. I love strange things. I love cheap things.

I love laser printers.

We shopped a lot this weekend. On Friday, we hit the local dollar variety store for random cleaning supplies and household needs and then groceries... and I finally got a ton of things that I had put off getting because it would have required me going into a store for more than a few minutes.

And today, we got a laser printer.

I am staring at the box now in glee. It is probably cliched... Author loving printer... but I do. I love it. Love. I may cuddle it at some point.

And then she took me to clothes.

I found a green blazer, that is weird as hell, in a fancy store 75% off (it fit my criteria of cheap and weird) and a blouse to go under it (and the blouse doubles as a boobie shirt if I feel like looking a little trampy.)

I found a couple of sweaters that fit my squashy love while being cute at the same time (apparently most people use dressing rooms... to try on clothes to see how they look before they buy them. Who knew?) and a comfy shirt for under those.

And I found jeans and cords. Cheap. Like under $10 cheap. But name brand and all that important stuff.

All in all, I guess the shopping thing isn't as horrible as I make it out to be.

Especially if there is a laser printer in your office when it is all said and done.

Yes. I am including a picture of the printer.

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