Wednesday, February 29, 2012

In which I propose marriage...

Since the movie, Leap Year, probably some of us know that there is a tradition that allows women to propose to men on Leap Year every four years... (Hey, men folk...any y'all wanna get hitched? Just figured I should take advantage...I mean, I can't ask again for four years. You can answer in the comments. No pressure.)

I mentioned in book two of my Odd Stuff series that it was considered really unlucky for a man to say no. Just a heads up. You have to pay me a penalty. (Back in the day, money or a gown. Since we are modern thinking folks, I will take Starbucks giftcards or cash. Thx.)

Back in the day, you also would have had to buy me 12 pairs of gloves to hide the embarrassment of me not having an engagement ring to sport. (Again, it is modern times so lets not be archaic. Gimme chocolate, boys.)

There used to be laws governing these traditions. (Now there is just the iron fist of blog pressure...)

It is considered unlucky to get married on Leap day. And Halloween. And Christmas. Really, they have a lot of weird luck stuff...I dunno what is up with all that.

All in all, unless someone plans on marrying me, I hope to be getting some money out of this blog post. And chocolates. And coffee.

Totally worth the time to type it out, dontcha think?

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