Thursday, March 1, 2012

New release on Saturday!!

I have a book releasing Saturday!!

Rebel Ink Press Logo

"Rebel Ink Press is Proud to Announce the Release of Lips of Velvet by Virginia Nelson

Lips of Velvet, a debut release by Virginia Nelson, will hit e-book shelves on March 3rd. When bookworm Sandra is dragged out for a night on the town, she meets Lucy and sparks fly, but can they survive long term?"

I know, I have been awesome and not drowned you in promo about this. That is because I am a super awesome author who knows that you don't drown people in wait till the last second and say--WHAM! Look at mah beautiful book-baby! Welcome her to the world with me!!

(It's totally not because I have a weird issue with March/May because they both start with M and for some reason I thought the book was releasing in MAY not March...and have been telling people THAT...Nope. And I don't have a similar issue with June/July. Nah. That would be ridiculous. *whistles innocently*)

I really have GOT to get a personal assistant...

Anyway, there IS a release and it IS this week and I WILL be giving away prizes...

There will be a book giveaway... at some point verra verra soon... and an Amazon giftcard... (yeah, I love you guys like that...) and I am working on activating my mighty powers of blog touring (I have called out to my author friends...using my super author powers. I would tell you how I do that but then, I would have to kill you. Okay, that was a lie. I wouldn't have to kill you. But you would have to start drinking way more coffee and for a lot of people, that can cause insomnia. So you are better off not knowing.)

Sooo...Wanna see a blurb? (I love that word. It just sounds dirty, doesn't it? Or maybe my f/f erotic romance short just has my mind in evil grin mode...)

Bookworm Sandra is dragged out for a night on the town by her sister. When she meets the sexy and exotic Lucy, she is instantly attracted to her. But will their spontaneous combustion burn out as quickly as it ignites or will it lead to a long term flame?

Lucy can’t help but be drawn in by Sandra’s intelligent and fun nature. But when Sandra suggests that she was just using Lucy for sex, Lucy is a strong enough woman to hide her broken heart and walk away. A chance meeting brings them back together. Will Lucy seek revenge for a moment of stupidity?

Okay, I promise to get you touring info/contest info/buy links as soon as they become available!

For now, Happy WRITING!!!

And now I am doing the new release dance...

Shaka shaka...shaka shaka...wiggle...jiggle...!


  1. I meant to tell you this yesterday, but Congratulations! I'm so happy that it's coming out in March (not May). LOL