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#NewRelease Romancing The Wolf Available Now #CountdownToOddMate

Odd Mate Blurb:
Gretchen fell in love with Charly, a sweet, nerdy bear of a man but ran fast and hard from his side when she realized he'd hate her for a genetic twist of fate she couldn't change. Now she's back in town and drawn to his side. Can a wolf sworn to destroy all coyotes claim a coywolf mate or will he be forced to destroy the only girl he ever loved?

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Odd Mate Excerpt:
“Rise and shine, sleeping broody.” Trudy poked him with her foot. “Wake up. Wake up. Wake up. Wake up.”
One handed, he reached out and yanked her ankle out from underneath her, pleased when she landed on her ass with an oof. “Knock it off, Trudy,” he grumbled.
“Oh my goddess, I’m way too close to naked fuzz nuts.”
Trudy’s comment and her immediate and hurried rush to get away from him finally managed to make him open his eyes. He was naked—blissfully, wonderfully naked. He’d made love to Gretchen all night long, amazed by how all his imaginings of how they’d be together didn’t manage to live up to the reality. He felt sore in all the right places, happy, replete.
Rolling, he scanned the forest. Birds sang. Bugs buzzed. Leaves fluttered in the early afternoon breeze. The beauty of the scene around him jangled warning bells in his head.
No Gretchen.
Sitting up fast, he scented for her. She wasn’t anywhere nearby. Instead of bothering to put on clothes, he shifted fast. Trudy stood nearby, watching him instead of her surroundings. The girl was badass with the magic, but not so great at guarding.
Then again, he hadn’t bothered to tell her to stand watch.
His bones shifted, cracking and popping as they realigned in a rush of fur overtaking flesh. In moments, he stood on four feet, shaking off the last vestiges of humanity in favor of his beast.
“Ew,” she said. “That was super gross. Could you not?”
Rolling his eyes, he moved to her side, tugging her pant leg with his teeth to suggest she should follow him. She obeyed, only bitching a little. “So where are we off to? Because toward coffee would be good. I mean, I came looking for you when you weren’t at camp—hard to accomplish in the land of the tree mazes, but pretty easy with a quickie locator spell.”
Charly slammed to a halt, staring up at her.
“What? Coffee? Yeah, great idea, right? Want me to poof us to some Starbucks? Cuz, if that’s what you want…baby, I’m your gal.” Trudy stopped moving when he’d stopped, swatting at a random horsefly.
The scent trail from Gretchen ended abruptly at the creek, suggesting she’d walked in the water itself for a while—which could’ve been coincidence or an intentional way to hide where she’d gone. A locator spell would be rather handy. He continued to stare at the witch.
“I’m guessing you don’t want coffee. Although I don’t speak dog, I can tell you’re giving me a dirty look. What is it, Lassie? Is Timmy down a well?” Trudy smacked her legs, grinning at her own cleverness.
He growled at her.

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#CountdownToOddMate Free Sneak Peek!


Gretchen fell in love with Charly, a sweet, nerdy bear of a man but ran fast and hard from his side when she realized he'd hate her for a genetic twist of fate she couldn't change. Now she's back in town and drawn to his side. Can a wolf sworn to destroy all coyotes claim a coywolf mate or will he be forced to destroy the only girl he ever loved?

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Chapter One

Everyone knows a good story doesn’t begin with a dream sequence. Due to the simple rule of storytelling, Charly knew he wasn’t dreaming when he spotted her sitting cross-legged on the small dividing wall between the college campus and the parking lot. It was her, it had to be.
Lifting an arm to wave, he called out, “Hey, Gretchen!”
She didn’t turn, didn’t even seem to hear him, her golden head bent to look at something in her lap. Even from a distance, he recognized her profile and couldn’t resist calling again, “Gretchen!”
His heart accelerated, a direct and immediate reaction to finally putting his eyes on the one woman who ever managed to make him want to be the kind of guy he read about—some comic book hero hell bent on saving the world who could say the right thing and sweep the perfect girl off her scantily clad feet.
Not that Gretchen was nearly naked, but a guy could wish.
Closer, he could see the cord which likely impeded her ability to hear him. She wore some kind of earbuds and a hoodie covered in cartoon characters. Her jeans were ratty and her hair as brilliant as he remembered. A trace of her scent—wild and a little heady—made it to him and he sucked in the familiar bouquet with a twist of bittersweet joy. He didn’t know why she’d just vanished one day, no trace left behind for him to track and no word on where she’d gone, but she had. He wasn’t letting her slip away so easily a second time.
Losing her once in a lifetime was enough to let him know he didn’t want it to happen a second time. Reaching out one hand, he planned to nudge her shoulder, get her attention, and maybe ask her out.
But a ball of fur in his periphery distracted him moments before wet and fangs closed on his arm.
Who would dare attack him in broad daylight?
The wild musky scent of the attacker alerted him before his human brain caught up with the program. Coywolf.
The dangerous breed of shifter was a combination of coyote and wolf, but not actually either anymore. Coywolves were bigger than wolves, more suited to urban terrain and altogether meaner than shit.
Not to mention Charly was in human form, it was daytime, and they were on a college campus, and if he did a thing to defend himself, his professors might see. Nothing ensured an A faster than a prof finding out their student could shift into a four-legged death machine, but he preferred his grades be based on his actual performance rather than sheer terror on the part of the humans.
Besides, it would really piss off Dara if he shifted in public. She’d never proved terribly understanding about them scaring the humans.
Fending off the attack to the best of his ability, considering, he tried to also scan the area to see if any other coywolves were around. Last thing he needed was for one to attack Gretchen while he was distracted, meaning he’d shift to protect her and worry about apologizing to his Alpha later if he had to.
But he saw neither other wolves nor Gretchen. She’d vanished. Again.
Not sure if he was more pissed because he’d been attacked or because he’d lost sight of the girl of his dreams, Charly closed one hand over the snapping muzzle mere inches from his face. “You picked the wrong wolf to tangle with, Hybrid.”
The other animal didn’t answer, more focused on trying to tear out his throat than conversation.
Pinching down hard on the pressure points at the joint of the jaw, Charly managed to pry the creature off him in stages. Humans gathered, all gasping in horror and one pulling out their cellphone—yeah, a Vine of their interaction wasn’t on his list of things to do, either. He needed to end this and fast. One snap and he’d managed to boink the coywolf’s head off the pavement, stunning the creature. Once it was distracted, Charly shoved away then ran fast and hard toward the parking lot. Tugging his hoodie up to hide his face a bit, he ducked between cars, sneaking a look back towards the main hall of the school.
The coywolf shook off his stupor then turned to lope, looking unconcerned, away from the humans, most of which had cell phones out to snap pictures. Stupid animal—attention from the humans weren’t in its best interest any more than it was in Charly’s. As it vanished, Charly again scented the air, searching for a trace of her, but all he could smell was the reek of the coywolf rubbed into his clothes. He’d need a shower.
His phone chirped and he pulled it out to unlock the screen with a swipe of his finger.
Something going on at the campus of the community college. Twitter blowing up. You near there?
Scowling at the phone, he loped to his car, got in, and revved the engine before bothering to reply. I was the ruckus, got attacked by coywolf.
What? You okay? Dara’s text was short and to the point, a sign his Alpha worried.
Fine or I wouldn’t be texting, he replied.
Get to the warehouse. Emergency meeting.
KO, he typed back and shifted the car into gear. Looked like he’d be skipping another class.
Not unusual, really. As beta to the local Alpha, Charly missed about as many classes as he managed to attend due to Pack duties. Most of his profs found him to be a little lazy, thinking he slept through classes or spent his spare time gaming or something.
Wouldn’t they shit if he told them the truth? Doc, I’m a werewolf and I had Pack business to attend to.
Yeah, that’d fly like Iron Man minus the rockets. But those worries were for another day. Today? His Pack needed him and Pack came first. Always.
It had to. He didn’t have anything else.

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#CountdownToOddMate Romancing The Wolf

Odd Mate Blurb:
Gretchen fell in love with Charly, a sweet, nerdy bear of a man but ran fast and hard from his side when she realized he'd hate her for a genetic twist of fate she couldn't change. Now she's back in town and drawn to his side. Can a wolf sworn to destroy all coyotes claim acoywolf mate or will he be forced to destroy the only girl he ever loved?
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We're getting so close! Okay, a whole box set of wolf-variety stories? YES. I know, I got pretty excited when I heard about it myself. So, in honor of all the wolfy goodness, here's a countdown of werewolves I thought were hot in Virg-particular order:
Top Five Hot Werewolves

5. Wolf from the Tenth Kingdom

Okay, he's not alpha. And he's rather silly for a good chunk of the movie, even if he does have primal and insatiable animal hungers...but Wolf was hot. There was something about his canine devotion to his Virginia, his wolfish glare and the adorable way he'd scratch his ear that just did it for me. I know, I'm weird. But this is my list and I thought he was kinda hot.

4. Teen Wolf as played by Michael J. Fox

 Okay, for sure this was a campy kind of movie and I get that...but I had a serious long-running crush on the Fox. I mean, he's the dude from Back to the Future! Not to mention his money-clever character from his long running television show. That said, I didn't even mind him getting hairy. Still hot.

3. The Werewolf as played by Michael Jackson

I'm going to be honest...I never had a thing for MJ. My sister and mother had the biggest crush on him and now my daughter does, but I loved and love Thriller. I do, I admit it. Sure, I probably have more of a thing for Vincent Price than MJ as a wolf, but whatever...that laugh from Price is worthy of making the list, even if he wasn't the wolf.

2. The Underworld Wolves

They had me at the sex in the back of that truck thing? Yeah, that was hot. Nuff said.

1. Blood and Chocolate the book Wolves

I don't know if you've read the book, but the movie disappointed me because of my love of the book. The way he came in the window...yeah, I liked that book. That was a sexy wolf.

Which wolves flipped your pancakes?

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Things are getting rather Odd in northeast Ohio... #OddSeries #Wolves #NewRelease

The Odd Series began years ago with Janie's adventures and spread out to encompass the entire paranormal world near Lake Erie.

Odd Stuff  #1  

Janie Smith always pretended to be normal. When her witch bestie gets tangled in a murder investigation, she finds it hard to stick to the mundane and save the day. Janie snarks her way through the paranormal world, fumbling again and again, determined not to give into temptation... But when your closest pal is suspected to have murdered a vampire, how do you prove she didn't kill someone who has no pulse? 

Amazon | Print | ARe | Kobo | Scribd | Nook & iBooks coming soon!

Odd Melody #2 

Janie Smith is ready to get her life in order. She just needs to control her powers, feed without killing someone, deal with a sick witch, a vampire boyfriend committed by fate to another, and an ancient serial killer’s ghost hidden inside an unsuspecting human. Oh, and she must also put up with Queen Mab’s unwanted elfin fiancĂ© while dodging Chance,  her supposed soul mate, while helping her daughter adjust to life after divorce. Seriously, not a big deal.

Amazon | Print | ARe | Kobo | Scribd | Nook & iBooks coming soon!

Odd Wolf  #3 -

Dara is Alpha and used to taking control of the situation when it goes swirly. A rogue on her turf means a fight, and she’s ready to take him on. A woman with no plans to be tamed and a rogue wolf with no plans to stick around shouldn’t have more than a brief meeting to establish boundaries and be done. However, when Dara meets Lynwood, the call to mate might drown out logic altogether.

Amazon | Print | ARe | Kobo | Scribd | Nook & iBooks coming soon!

Romancing the Wolf - Odd Mate  #4 -

As second to a female alpha, Charly endures the pity of his pack thanks to her mating. Not that he can admit the one wolf he truly loved left him years ago. Gretchen fell in love with a sweet, nerdy bear of a man, but a genetic twist of fate made her flee. When she returns to town, she can’t stay away from Charly. Can a wolf sworn to destroy all coyotes claim a coywolf mate or will he be forced to destroy the one girl he ever loved?

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#CountdownToOddMate Romancing The Wolf

Amazon  | Nook  | Kobo  | ARe  | goodreads   

Sexy and we know it! They’re on the hunt after your heart. Discover 10 brand new passionate tales of friendship, desire, wolves, survival, and redemption. Escape to another world, another place, and another romance. 

Warning: Contains wild heroes and heroines, tempestuous passion, old secrets, new discoveries, and pack ties binding them together. Sometimes love’s greatest challenge is romancing the wolf… 

Books included: 

Heart of the Wolf (The Devora) by Desiree Holt 

Shifter Lia Popescu is desperate to find the book Legends of the Werewolf, her only clue as to what happened to her pack. When she loses her heart to the sexy detective Riley Morgan, she wonders how he will handle knowing the truth about her. 

The Ardennes Curse (Woolven Secret) by Saranna DeWylde 

Victoria’s determined to free her people from the curse that forces them to become mindless, slavering terrors every full moon. Even if it means taking, Armand Rommulus, their new Alpha to mate. 

Odd Mate (Odd Stuff Series, #4) by Virginia Nelson 

Gretchen fell in love with Charly, a sweet, nerdy bear of a man but ran fast and hard from his side when she realized he'd hate her for a genetic twist of fate she couldn't change. Now she's back in town and drawn to his side. Can a wolf sworn to destroy all coyotes claim a coywolf mate or will he be forced to destroy the only girl he ever loved? 

Running with the Wolf (The Cascadia Wolves) by Gayle Donnelly 

Abram spends his days protecting the pack children, but he finds himself wanting more. The quiet, elusive kindergarten teacher has sparked a hunger inside him and he knows it won’t be satisfied unless he makes her his mate. When her past comes calling, he must make a choice…defy pack law and bring her into his world or let her run and lose her forever. 

Redemption’s Forgiveness (The Rending, Book 2) by Cara Carnes 

Marek will do anything to protect his pack and their land, including executing any Outsiders who dare enter pack lands. There’s no soft in war—until Felicity, a curvaceous wolf with more sass than sense limps into Redemption with an impossible tale of betrayal. 

Under Her Spell (Keystone Predators, Book 1) by Brandy Walker 

Diego wants Daphne as his mate instantly and is ready to do whatever it takes to make her his. Part wolf, and part witch, Daphne is a little more skeptical of the situation. Her wolf is telling her to go for it while her witchy side balks, knowing Diego will try to suppress her more enchanted side. 

Always (Dragon Wars #3) by Rebecca Royce 

Robbie Owens has fought the dragons for seventeen years, leading his group of secret, elite werewolves. Tatyana Knox is a human in a world where humans are like unicorns—they simply don't exist. But she is real and she is Robbie's mate. If he can trust her, they will turn the tide of the war. But the clock is ticking and Tatyana's time with Robbie is almost up. 

Violet's Shadow (Shadow Mates #1) by Jennifer Kacey 

Violet’s spent her entire life aching to belong and she finally finds it in the pack of Shadows she is destined to join. Everything she’s ever wanted in life and love is finally at her fingertips if she’s brave enough to embrace…her Shadow. 

Wolf with Benefits (Wolves of Willow Bend) by Heather Long 

After graduating college and spending a summer breaking the law, Shiloh Sullivan needs to make amends and accomplish something for Willow Bend. When her best friend, the wolfish and playful Matt Montgomery moves her in with him, she’s hard-pressed to refuse. But pretending a relationship with a wolf is impossible, and while Shiloh might be human, she knows the rules... 

The Alpha's Saving Grace (Lonestar Wolf Pack #1) by Melissa Schroeder

Alpha Jacob Sanderson doesn’t have time for distractions as he hunts a vicious killer attacking his pack. Sheriff Alexandra Littlefoot is his best resource and a woman he can’t seem to resist. As secrets rise to the surface, the killer’s violence escalates and threat

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#NewRelease from Christina Phillips! Hold Me Until Midnight #GraysonBros

Meet the three Grayson brothers. Big, bad and gorgeous.

HOLD ME UNTIL MIDNIGHT is the middle brother Jackson’s book. He’s an ex-street fighter who falls for a pampered princess who, despite the way things look, turns out to be exactly what he needs.

Every good girl loves a very bad boy…

Scarlett Ashford needs a date for her father’s wedding. Only she doesn’t just need a guy in a suit—she needs a bodyguard. The only problem is that Jackson Grayson is big and gorgeous and way too sexy. So much so that Scarlett’s tempted to let this hot bad boy ruin her oh-so-good reputation…

Jackson doesn’t do relationships and he certainly doesn’t sleep with clients. Yet he can’t fight their inconvenient attraction, or how badly he wants Scarlett’s warm and wicked curves against his body. He wants her. Now. Even if it’s just for one night, and even if walking away the next morning isn’t as easy as he thought.

Besides, one hot and incredibly intense night between a bad boy and a pampered princess could never turn into something real…could it?

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Add Hold Me Until Midnight to your Goodreads shelf!
Watch out for Cooper and Alex’s books coming soon!
Christina Phillips is an ex-pat Brit who now lives in sunny Western Australia with her high school sweetheart and their family. She enjoys writing paranormal, historical and contemporary romance where the stories sizzle and the heroine brings her hero to his knees.

Christina is addicted to good coffee, expensive chocolate and bad boy heroes. She is also owned by three gorgeous cats who are convinced the universe revolves around their needs. They are not wrong.

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