Tuesday, August 6, 2019

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Last year, I wrote this book in one long burst of words.

My crit partner said it sparkled.

The thing is, toxic parents are a thing. And as genX (or zennials or whatever they're calling us today) gets older, we're becoming the caretaker generation for both our Millennial or younger kids AND our parent generation of Boomers.

But how do you (or should you?) take care of the older generation if you were a little bit broken by that generation?

This is the question I asked myself when I sat down to write this book. My mom and I have a sometimes complicated relationship... which is no big secret. But when I looked around at my friends, I found this to be more the norm than a bizarre thing. One after another, I noticed my friends having a lot of these kind of conversations with me--yeah, as a teen, things sucked. For a long time, I couldn't even talk to my parents. Now they're sick, so what do I do?

Tough stuff and there aren't any easy or right answers, you know?


Her shrink says she's brave for walking away from her toxic mother and all the complications that arose from their relationship, but she doesn't feel brave. When her mom calls her "home," that place she grew up doesn't feel like home... it maybe never did. She has built a life she's proud of, one she is happy in and where she doesn't feel like the scapegoat child of a toxic parent. So how does she handle going "home"?

I hope readers enjoy this book that I had to write. I hope the ones who need these words find them, because I know some of us need to remember the message I put in these words.

You're enough.


Virginia Nelson


angus & robertson

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