Friday, October 9, 2009


Just dropping a quick line to say, Whew! Done!

Siren's Song is done. Must still, of course, do edits and write an outline that is viewable for submission purposes as the one I have was a working one, not one for anyone but me. Oh, and a synopsis, which, since I am mentioning it is my FAVORITE thing to write. After saying something in about 90,000 words, nothing is more fun than finding a way to say the same thing in two pages. NOTHING. Oh, and saying it cleverly and with a hook. I can do it but, really, my FAVORITE. Every time I write one, I feel somewhat silly. It is needed, it is important. It also makes me feel sort of silly to make my book sound cool. I know it is cool. But it is sort of like your children.

You love your children. You are absolutely sure your children are the most clever children and are by far the cutest children in the world. If, to for instance enroll them in elementary school, you were required to make an advertisement for them, well, and at the same time summarize them, it just makes you feel a bit silly. Sort of like a combination of braggart and car salesman. Yes, see? This is the very best and most terribly interesting child you will ever meet. It is four foot tall and its hair is sandy blond and if you look closely you will see that those are the bluest eyes on the entire east coast.

I can retell my story. It is the "hey, look" bit that makes me shuffle my feet and get the "aw, shucks" look. I really must get over it. However I still glance at the blinking cursor and do a lot of forehead rubbing for the synopsis and query.

Then again, from what I have read, no writer does a happy dance for that part, so maybe this is a common problem, just not one everyone admits to in gritty, oily stomach, palm sweating detail.

I am an odd duck.

Actually, I am a tired duck. The words are blurring even as I type this. I was trying to stay up in hopes that my edits would get here for Odd. I am beginning to give up the ghost.