Monday, February 17, 2014

The Walking Dead Meme recap

 I didn't make this one...but it was brilliant, so I'm sharing it.

 What was your favorite moment?

Monday, February 10, 2014

TWD is baaaaaack!!

Okay, if you haven't seen The Walking Dead from 9 February 2014, you might want to click the red x in the top right hand corner of your screen because spoilers ahoy!

That said...

1. Where is Daryl?
3. Heartbreaking for Michonne.

Some memes I created during the episode...

All of that said...

Has anyone noticed that there are a whole lot of zombies in suspenders? In real, day to day life...I rarely see ANYONE wearing suspenders. And I live in a small town full of farmers. Wth with the suspenders, TWD costume department? Do they hold gore better?

This tells me this:
Real life suspender usage = rare
Zombie apocalypse suspender usage = common

Which can be simplified by saying...

Wearing suspenders will turn you into a zombie. Sorry. If you wear suspenders, you were warned.

What were your favorite moments? What made you tear up?

And are you as excited for next week's episode as I am?

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