Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Dude, it is going to be an EXCELLENT adventure.

When we realized we both had January releases...and that both were contemporary romances we mutually fangirled over, Heather Long and I decided to throw a little party.

Naming it Heather and Virg's Most Excellent Adventure, we started recruiting some folks so we could celebrate our releases AND authors who wrote books we love. If you're interested in joining the week long party in January, come find this facebook group :

Yesterday, we released a couple teaser snippets. And a couple peeks. I thought I'd share them here, too, because I think y'all are fantastic. Without further ado, Teaser Tuesday posts and a couple memes :) Both books ARE now available for preorder.

Some Like It Royal Buy Links

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Runaway Groom Buy Links

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