Friday, July 15, 2011

Why Harry Potter shouldn't end...

Aside from the fact that my kids have grown up in the Harry Potter empire and were literally in tears at the death of Dobby...

Aside from the fact that our summers have been punctuated by movie releases and winters book ones...

Aside from the fact that they were really good childrens literature...

There are a few really logical arguments I have over the end of the Potter years.

We learned from Batman that if a hero arises, nature will supply a villain that will arise to battle him. Nature is all about equality. Magic, if you will, must have its equal. So when Voldemort rose up through the ranks of magic, his equal had to be created to balance him. Hence the birth and the fate of Harry himself.

So the thought that Harry just was able to grow old, have children, live a 'normal' life with Ginny... it seems a stretch. No other wizards felt the need to challenge the great Potter?

And what about the Deatheaters? They all gave up when their leader fell? Not one quietly evil person who lost someone they loved in that last great battle and has been stewing and plotting, just waiting to make Potter pay?

It seems almost more unbelievable to me than the chocolate frogs.

Aside from all that, lets look at Harry, Hermione and Ron's psyches for a second. They grew up chasing adventure. They learned about questing and battle... You are telling me that they quietly were happy that things were at peace and never had any issues? No PTSD? No need to find other great things or make huge changes? They just... lived quietly from the end of their teen years into adulthood?

Okay, that one is really unbelievable.

Do I think any of this logic is going to sway J. K. Rowling into finishing what she started? No. But do I think that the 'all the strings are tied, great end of a series' jargon is viable in this case. No. I still have tons of unanswered questions...

And I can hope.

As to the premiere last night at midnight- EXCELLENT. There were bits left out that disappointed me. For instance, the house elves didn't play the role that they should have in the final battle. But things like Longbottom's role in the final battle were so amazing that I had a hard time minding.

I would attach the Harry Potter music here if I could... I will leave you to imagine it.

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