Monday, July 11, 2011

Three awesome author friends, One amazing new release!!!

Spells, Slots & Sirens: Stories of the Arcana Royale
Heather Long, Lisa Pietsch, K.F. Zuzulo

Las Vegas, baby at the casino of all Casinos — the Arcana Royale. Arcana Royale is a high-end supernatural casino. Some characters are immortal and some are not. The Royale itself has a very distinct personality and some even believe it may be “alive” in its own right.
Anything can happen at the Arcana Royale and anything goes, but don’t piss off the Overseers or you may find yourself serving up your soul to the showgirls. Discover tales of forbidden romance, sexy heroes and dark mysteries.

You can pick up your copy today here!!

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