Saturday, July 9, 2011

Lets talk about sexy...

So Jackson Pearce had a blog (Here) about clubs that put forth the question of what is there to like about getting to know someone in a place that you can't hear them and are usually too slobbering drunk to know who you are trying to get to know in the first place...

Which got me to thinking...

What pick up lines could men really use that would actually work?

The first I came up with was as a comment on said blog, "Why don’t men ever ask women, “Hey, ya wanna go to this great new gourmet cupcake place I found?” Women would be all over that guy. He would never have a night home and lonely."

But I got more...

"So I was thinking... You know what I would like to do? Your dishes. Let me come over tonight and you can relax while I give that magic eraser a workout."

Sexy, right?

"What I really love to do is laundry. The folding... it is cathartic. You have twelve kids? Oooh... that means lots of socks. Can we get together at a laundrymat?"


"Vacuuming makes me hot. You say you have wall to wall carpeting at your house?"

Okay. That one actually sounds a little dirty, come to think of it.

"My hobbies are making cappuccinos, cleaning and cooking. Would you like to get together and I will make you a nice dinner while you soak your feet?"

"I think a woman with a muffin top is hot. Makes me want to buy her a cake. Hey baby, how about I buy you a cake?"

Okay, that one sounds borderline insulting but I am hungry and wouldn't mind some cake.

Do you have any pick up lines that would work better than the ones that are currently badly used?


  1. OMG girl! I was snorting and snarfing with laughter from the start! If you were a guy I would be SO into you! (If you looked like Chris Evans I'd lick you like a cupcake. ;-)

  2. The pick-up line that would get me would be, "As hot as you are looking in that dress and high heels, I'd bet you are sexier in baggy sweats & t-shirt with no make-up."