Saturday, July 16, 2011

How to write a book

Since Jackson was nice enough to put it all so clearly, I just figured I would share her blog...

Thoughts on this? What she said about starting where ever you have the idea for the story is one hundred percent accurate. My first published full length novel, Odd Stuff, was written entirely in reverse. I knew scenes from the last three chapters. So I wrote the last three chapters. Which then led me to the chapters before that... and on until I wrote the first chapter last. Odd Stuff later became an ARe Bestseller and created the series.

Had I waited until I had that first chapter, the story would never have been written.

Which made it really hard for my beta readers to follow because way back when... they read the ending first. And then the middle. And then finally the beginning. To say that they were frustrated with me and my backwards ass writing process on that story is a bit of an understatement. But that was how the story came to me and that is okay... Just write how the story wants to be told.

Even if it is backwards.

Have a great day everyone, and... you know... write something.


  1. love it~ this makes me feel so much better about my own writing. I have finished one book that I am self publishing and working on another 3. When I get stuck on one I will just move to another. I write "something" everyday~ even if it's only a few pages. Thanks for the inspiraton for all us "hope-to-be's"!


  2. Keep at it Christi! Best of luck with all your writing adventures :)