Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sneak Peek Sunday! Pirates, Arrrrrr!

It's Sunday again so I am doing a Sneak Peek from a short story that will soon be available in an anthology. It is a shorter bit than I usually give you... but I think you will enjoy it :)

From Steal My Heart:

“Well, if we are pirates, we need rum. I’ll go find us some.”

The mysterious woman above answered in her slow drawl from her invisible location. “Sounds good, Jamie. Find me a sandwich or something, too, if you can.”

Legs continued her descent and Sterling decided his location was perfect.

As she crossed in front of his bunk he sneaked out an arm and rolled her beneath him. Before she could squeak, one of his large hands easily covered half her face.

“Did you know that stealing a man’s ship is considered piracy?”

Studying his captive, he got an eyeful of blond curls that lay in feathery abandon above a clear brow and eyes that appeared a clear, sky blue between dark, heavy lashes. The body that his own pinned was shapely and matched the view of legs that he had been enjoying. If they had been pirated, at least it was by a choice babe.

And then he couldn’t think as her knee connected with his groin, sending a wave of red, stomach curling pain to waken his hangover nausea. Swallowing hard, he tried to keep from losing whatever questionable contents his stomach still held and rolled with a thud off the bunk.

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