Monday, July 25, 2011

New Release by an author friend...

Saranna DeWylde

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"Ambrosia Lane meets Wisteria Lane in this snarky romp. "

What I thought:

Picture Stephanie Plum multiplied by goddess level powers with the addition of familiar characters made unfamiliar due to their snark and sass and you have Saranna DeWylde's newest masterpiece, The Real Housewives of Olympus.

Since it was by Saranna, I expected amazon level dialogue and female characters full of fun and attitude. What I didn't expect was the absolute level of control with which she wrangled some of my favorite characters to do her bidding.

First off, you have Hera, left on the shelf by her cheating skeezeball of a husband for a few millenia. She decides that she is going to try to get into Hades pants, since we all know that Persephone has left him high and dry.

Then you have Hera's bff, Nyx, strong and maternal... and willing to smite if the situation calls for it. Add the new kid to the block, Abstinence, who has caught the eye of the King of the Gods, and all hell is bound to break loose.

But the storyline- in this action-packed, comedic work of genius- that really caught me was the one revolving around Persephone herself. Having grown up on Greek Myths (and loving that Percy Jackson brought those stories to life for my kids) I had some pretty strong feelings when it came to Persephone and Hades. Having life breathed into these characters, those strong feelings multiplied. Add to all that the fact that DeWylde made Hades a simply lush specimen of a man, and I was pretty sure I knew what I wanted to see happen.

And the author managed to surprise me on every turn. Giving me what I wanted before I knew I really wanted it... Badly.

Altogether, one of the funnest reads I have had the pleasure of losing time to, The Real Housewives of Olympus was a feast for the senses. Sex scenes, written with an ambrosia laden pen, swept me away with this story and its cast of intertwining- but clearly independent- characters.

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  1. *clutches chest* Oh my god. I just fell over dead. What a kickass review. I couldn't be more thrilled that you liked it that much. This really made my night.