Saturday, April 14, 2012

Love Rollercoaster

Life is like a roller coaster, baby baby.
Life is like...

Yeah, I know that isn't the lyric but that is what has been running through my head today.

Yesterday, I felt about as unsettled as I can unsettle.

Today, well, it was kind of all win. (Even if I lost every single thing I entered in the raffle dinner...yeah...still a win.)

Today I woke up at the buttcrack of dawn and headed off to take my son to his rifle club meeting. While he was at the meeting, I got to visit with my bestest friend, dye my hair and pick up some grocery stuff. (I know how to multitask.) I even got a piece of chocolate cake.

I headed home to find a check in my mailbox as well as my Vistaprint order delivered. Yeah for author goodies! Some of you got your magnets already. I will be ordering more. I think they are awesome. I will be giving them out at signings just cuz I think they are so cool.

Then a quick flatiron of the hair and slap some lipstick on...

And off to the raffle dinner to support the football team. I knew I was going to see some friends there but wasn't sure who else...and I was taking a good friend with me.

And I got lucky and ran into one of my great buddies there. I got to hang out with two awesome guys for dinner, chat with my pal Ami and the bartender (who was super nice) invented a drink for me. She named it the Tutti Fruitti and it involved Absolut, peach schnapps, and some other random combination of fruit flavors...and tasted a lot of pineapple.

All in As low as yesterday was just as high.

Life is a rollercoaster baby. That is why you have to stay on the ride even when you are in the loops that make your stomach turn.

Because that means the next thing you know, you are sitting at the summit with the whole world stretching out in front of you...

Happy Writing!