Thursday, November 26, 2009

Funny things kids say-Thanksgiving

Me- "So why do we celebrate Thanksgiving?"

Justice- "Because of the Mayflower."
David-"Uh, yeah a boat."

Me-"So we eat turkey because of a boat? Why don't we all ride boats instead?"

Justice-"No, Mom. The pilgrims came on a boat."
David-"Yeah, and when they got to the Americas they had a five day feast."

Me-"Why? Were they hungry from being on the boat, or what?"

Justice-Frustrated. "No, Mom. They did it because the Indians helped them."
David-"Yes, the Indians taught them to plant food and maize and to hunt and so they ate a lot of food." Nodding. This made sense.

Me-"So they got off the boat, ate a bunch of food, met some Indians and took up farming?"

David-"No they celebrated!" Now he is frustrated too. "They were eating because they were celebrating being free from religion."

Me, laughing- "Free from religion? So they had no religion, and were so happy they ate for five days and then met some Indians and took up farming?"

Both my kids glare at me. I am just quoting them, here. No reason to get annoyed. No reason at all. I think they have realized this is a quiz.

David- Lecturing. "They left England to get on a boat to get free to do what ever religion they wanted. They found America. They met some Indians who taught them how to hunt and farm and then they had a harvest and ate for five days."

Me-pondering- "If the Indians were here... Did the pilgrims 'find' America?"

Both kids stare blankly. This was not covered at school. But they can make really nice pilgrim hats and got cookies.

Apparently Jordan thought the Indians fed the Amish.

Ashton's turn.

Me- "Why do we celebrate Thanksgiving?"

Ash-"Because the pilgrims went to America and we give thanks because the Indians helped them and it really gave thanks because all the, pretty much, when the Indians and pilgrims died... the pilgrims said from now on, in the fall, we harvest food and it will be a new holiday called Thanksgiving. The pilgrims had run from London and cuz they wanted to be free from people telling them what to do."

Me- "An Indian died?"

Ash- "A pilgrim died?"

Me-"What pilgram? What are you talking about?"

Ash- "The one they voted for. The management dude."


Ash- "When he died they said they can't give up and he said every fall they should harvest and celebrate Thanksgiving in the month of November."

Me- blank stare. "The pilgrim manager"

Ash- "I forgot his name."

Me- "Who discovered America?"

Justice inturrupts- "The puritans!"

Me glares. Puritans.

Ash- "This is my turn Justice. The pilgrims and Indians."

Me-"Who first?"

Ash-"Indians. They worked together and pretty much all they did was the Indians helped them and the Pilgrims made it their world and that was that piece of America. Can I go now?"

Me-"Yup. Nuff said."

Happy Thanksgiving.

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