Thursday, May 3, 2012

Turn Me On gets a contract!!

I just sent the contract back in so I can make the announcement...

Turn Me On will be coming out Valentine's Day 2013 with MuseItUp Publishing!! *happydance*

The unedited blurb on that one was this:

If it’s too hot in the kitchen…

Valentine’s Day is brutal.  When Kay is called by her ex to meet at a restaurant, she doesn’t expect to find out that not only is the former love of her life trotting down the aisle with someone else…she expects Kay to take part in the festivities.

Cook up some romance…

But the sexy sister of the groom is determined to help Kay get over the bride.  Camie wants to teach Kay that passion is best when it isn’t hidden. 

With the sister of the groom…

Will Kay take a chance with the one woman who can bring her body—and her broken heart—back to life?

So that makes...*counts on fingers* contracts by May of six coming soon releases and one already out for your viewing pleasure and THAT ONE hit a bestselling list today.

Uh, if I had some champagne around the house, I would pop a cork tonight.

Yeah, if you missed out on the news over on facebook today, Lips of Velvet hit the bestselling list at number three over at All Romance Ebooks today.  *woot!*

Can I just take a second to thank you guys?  Because, yeah, I write the stuff and, no, it isn't easy...but without you guys going out and reading it...none of it would matter.

Thanks you guys.  You rock.

Okay, finals are over and I need to catch up on some of that sleep I have been depriving myself of.  Tomorrow begins the massive office catchup that is my weekend.

Happy writing all!!

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