Monday, May 21, 2012

Things to get excited about!

List time!!

Today, we are doing top five things to get excited about!!

5. True Blood starts on June 10th!

Okay, a lot of True Blood has me throwing popcorn at the screen and howling, "WHY?!?!" but I get to look at Erik. So, yeah, this can be #5.

4. School is almost over for the kiddies!!

Okay, in a week or two, I will regret my enthusiasm for that one...right about when they get bored with each other and World War Three breaks out at my house but as of now?

Yeah, as of right now I really am looking forward to the end of charter school for a few short months and the fun that can ensue. Bring on the pool, baby!! We always launch our summers off with a camping trip on Memorial Day weekend...but there will be a special blog here and Friday Fireworks...

3. I'm going to do a salute to the Marines on the blog on Friday.

How can I salute the Corp? What do I know about it? Well, you will have to come back on Friday for all the details and I will be featuring Heather Long's Always A Marine series, too, so much to see here Friday...

2. So while you are here this weekend, why not enter to win a Kindle Fire?

*tosses much confetti*
This could be you...minus the uncomfortable suit.
I have been teasing you guys with this one for over a month so...that is how I plan to put the fire in your Memorial Day fireworks show...with a KINDLE FIRE!! Yes, you could win a kindle fire, not to mention possibly snagging some ebooks to load it with. Friday Fireworks is a blog tour with me and nine AMAZING authors and the grand prize, to one lucky winner, is going to be the Fire. I'm excited.

1. Odd Stuff re-releases with Red Rose Publishing!!

On the 31st so get your selves over there and snag a copy when it goes live!! Love the new cover and I hope you all enjoy my fun paranormal romantic romp.

Uh, is this a great week or WHAT?
Happy writing!!


  1. ooh, ooh. I want a kindle fire. *raises hand8 *bounces in seat*
    Very cool week indeed!
    Congrats on the re-release of one of my favorite books. :)

    1. Thanks! "Who doesn't know the lyrics to Unchained Melody?"