Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My office is noisy...Writer's Version of We Are Young

Beak Full of Bug

My office is noisy. There are two active nests on my front porch (one on each end) and the babies are LOUD. I can tell each and every time someone's parent comes back with a beak full of bug because a cacophony of chirps alerts me to the fact that the children are HUNGRY and they see FOOD.

If I was their parents, I would fly south and say that I didn't realize it wasn't time to migrate. Just sayin.

Since I am being hit by a barrage of tweets, chirps, and other such happy noises, I figured it was a good day for me to do another one of my spoooftastic song lyric days.

I know.  You love those.  And I love you.

Without further ado, the Writer's Version of We Are Young....
I call it We Are Writing.  Enjoy!

Give me a second I,
I need to get my story straight
My friends are all on facebook now, wordcounts making me feel fake.
My character she’s waiting for me to get her a new car,
My hero is hasn’t talked to me this week so I’m not happy so far, and
I know I’m going to finish this novel
I know the pub wants it last week
But facebook and skyping
The holes in my plot, you see
I’m trying hard to edit
So by the time the coffee cools in my mug
I’m killing the characters 

All Off…
We are writing
So let’s be bestsellers
Or at least get reviewed

We are writing
So let’s just do NaNoWriMo
Tweet and sprint a bit…Write a blog.

Now I know that I’m stuck
I don’t give a duck
I guess that I, I just thought
Maybe I could save this stupid plot
But I probably won’t
So I’ll start another
‘Cause I found someone to kill with rubber

We are writing
So let’s be terribly clever
And together…we can have some fun.

We are writing
So let’s create new worlds
Even if perhaps we realize they’ve been done…

Writing a novel tonight (Nananananana)
Just plotting away tonight (Nananananana)
Drinking too much tonight (Nananananana)
Edit some more tonight (Nananananana)

Might have a drinking problem
I didn’t shower today
So will someone come and crit this book tonight
I wrote 3k more words
Than I did yesterday
So will someone come and crit this book

We are writing
So let’s kill off the bad guy
And not headhop again

We are writing
Crit partner said I used passive voice
I can edit that part out

So if by the time you query
You’ve written the synopsis
You’ve finished the book tonight…

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