Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Top Ten Turn Ons

So, it's probably not a secret that I write dirty books.

Wait, some of you didn't know?  Okay, confession...I write dirty books.

So, part of the gig is that I watch people.  I watch how they interact and I pay really close attention to how various situations make me feel.  I listen to my friends and strangers talk and try to hear the words that aren't said.  The ones that are given in a tiny tilt of the head, in the flutter of a nervous hand, or catch of breath.

So, I decided to do one of my lists.  Been awhile since I've done one so here are my Top Five Turn Ons (gathered from my own experience and those of people I've watched) and they might not be what you think--especially if you thought I was about to list body parts.

5. Knowing you well enough to give you what you didn't know you even wanted.

Whether it's from your special someone or just someone special, if they pay close enough attention to get you something you wanted but maybe never even said you needed...that is rare.  It means you're paying enough attention to see me, rather than the mask I've put up for the world to see.

4. The ability to call bullshit.

We all do it. The innocent little lies, the ones we tell even ourselves, to either make things better or to pretend things are okay...and if someone is paying close enough attention to you to call bullshit when you're full of it...That's hot.

3. Making you a better person just by being there.

We've all had that person at some point or another.  They challenge us.  They make us want to be a better person.  When we're with them, we almost feel like we are better people, or could be.  There's something unbelievably sexy about liking who you are and someone who has the ability to give you hope.

2. The eyes.

Little moments, not more than a few seconds, when your eyes meet and for just a second, you know they get it.  You don't need words.  They just get it and you get it and it's all there in that gaze.  Magical, this silent communication, but when it happens and the need for words stops to be replaced by's something you never forget.

1. They listen...and really talk to you.

We talk to hundreds of people in any given week. Thousands in months. Millions over the course of a year. But those times when you're talking and someone really hears you--when they answer and you're just left nodding as they answer. When the words flow and the topics slip from one to another without any awkward silences almost as if--for that brief instant--you're souls are in tune...
That's steaming up your glasses sexy.

What are the things that you find sexy?
Happy Writing!


  1. Oh yeah. I love it when a man has balls big enough to call me out. That's better than...almost anything.

    1. Yup. Totally an alpha male thing that makes me go all squashy inside. I think it's because I'm a bit of a dominant it trips my trigger when someone else takes that control. LOL