Tuesday, November 27, 2012

You're all so angry...Gaaaah!!

I noticed it started around the election. 

Not blaming the election or anything but that really seems to have amped up the internet angry-meter.
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Democrats attacked republicans.  Both sides advised us that if their candidate didn't win, the end of the world was nigh.  Brothers attacked sisters.  Mothers told off their daughters.  Husbands and wives set up trenches in their livingrooms and there was even mention of the zombie apocalypse.
(Bravo, Joss.)

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But it didn't stop when the election was over. The ads stopped, which--don't get me wrong--was nice but the hate campaigns took new roads.

Now people are attacking each other's religions regularly.  Christians--the most loving and forgiving lot before the hate campaigns started--are damning folks right and left.  I even saw a post about Santa being a road to hell...apparently, Jesus cakes should be baked instead.  I mean, it's his birthday and all that...even if it's not actually his birthday, just the day we celebrate it...

Meh, I digress.

Now you're attacking fat kids.  Cats.  Unicorns and sequins.  Attacks are coming out of nowhere.
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Really, I've never, in all my years hanging my hat in the internet, seen this much hating going on.
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No, guys, tell us how you REALLY feel.

So, this is my intervention.  Knock that shit off.  We're all grown ups here.  That means we're setting an example for the kids.  If you're going batshit crazy in a facebook rant about why pasta salad is going to destroy the global economy and give rise to the squirrel apocalypse, you're kids can see this shit.  If they can't read now, they'll figure it out and the internet is forever.

I know, I know. We tell our kids that to keep them from posting pictures of their boobiebuds on the net but it's true for us, too.  If you post it, it's going to stay up FOREVER...

And do you really feel better after posting this stuff, anyway?  Since it's next to impossible to change someone else's mind, if it's made up, what purpose does this venting serve other than that...

If you really must vent, call a friend.  Get that angry out in a safe way.  You don't want people to respond to these posts--if they disagree, you're only going to get angrier.  So why post them?

I liked it much better when everyone was addicted to LOLZ cats, personally.  Less angry attacking more laughing at silly things felines did.

What ever happened to loving each other.  Gah...it's the season for giving, light, hope and love.

Quit hurting each other. 

*steps off soapbox and goes for coffee*


  1. I agree completely. People post such nasty, grumpy things and all it makes me want to do is turn off my computer and read a book.
    Also, I've always believed that you should keep your private business--well private. When you put all that stuff on your public social media, it does nothing more than make you look petty and emotionally unstable.

    Tis the season to get your head out your rear and be kind and forgiving to one another. (So far I haven't heard any holiday songs about judging each other and finding them wanting.) Put away the torches and pitch forks people and pick up some wassail and mistletoe.

    Well said Ms. Nelson!

    1. Thanks! I like your bit about torches and pitchforks. LOL

  2. Really? You're still seeing a lot of anger and hate? I'm getting more cats and hot man bods lately. Maybe you need to switch your "friends" out with mine, lol. ;-p