Friday, November 30, 2012

Don't trust Pinterest...No Heat Curls/Bantu curls

Okay, apparently I did this wrong.  In my defense, Pinterest didn't TELL me to put all the swirls in one direction.

The picture (of the girl with the perfect curls that bounced merrily around her head in graceful waving wonder) just told me to spin my hair around, twirling it into coils.  Then I was supposed to use two bobby pins, criss crossing them (I like that the bobby pin directions were so specific whereas the twirling directions were NOT) and then sleep on that wet twirled hair and maaaagically my hair would look like hers.

My hair looked like hers when it was all twirled.  I was like...SUCCESS!  I'm gonna have some badass curl action going on in the morning. YEAH, who's a sexy author?  This kid!

The reality was...the tutorial SHOULD have been more specific insofar as the swirls all needed to go the same direction.  Mine didn't.  So mine looked less gracefully perfect than hers.  Mine looked like THIS...Before and aaaafter. 

I can only think that the Pinterest lady knew this was going to happen to my head.  Somewhere, she is slapping her knee and super happy about my lack of knowledge when it comes to hair swirling. looks somewhat like it should AFTER a swirly.  If you don't know what a swirly is, kids, well, you weren't a nerd in school and good for you.  Go make Pinterest tutorials for people, you winner you.

In any case, tomorrow I shall try the sock bun curling method.  Pictures to follow. 

This may be a new regular thing on my blog...when Pinterest suggestions go horribly wrong.

Meh, until tomorrow...I'm going to try to tame my suddenly ginormous hair.
Happy Writing!!


  1. Wow. That is some hair and a somewhat crazed expression to go with it. :D

    1. I took a couple pics but this expression really expressed my feelings about the experiment so I went with this. LOL

  2. I think you look sexy. That's what my hair looks like, and I'm sexy. I'm a little hurt now that you would make fun of me. What, so what's next? A wedgie? *snicker*

    Oh boy. I think Virginia's sarcasm + Valerie's sarcasm = Mug Shot in a San Antonio jail next February.

    1. No worries. Someone will bail us out. They wouldn't be able to leave that much awesome locked behind bars. It would be a waste.