Friday, November 16, 2012

Sneak Peek--The Were, The Witch and The Baby

I haven't given you guys an excerpt in awhile.  Here's a little peek into The Were, The Witch and The Baby, my coming soon Paranormal Romance!!


He was an animal in the sack…

Lyric McAvoy never expected that her one night stand with the irresistible Colin would result in a child.  When it does, she agrees to stay with him to hide from the repercussions that family and friends are sure to rain down on her.  But staying with him only reminds her of the desire he awakened with just a touch on the dance floor.

She cast a spell on his senses…

Colin, packleader of the local werewolves, knows to trust his senses and thinks he is above attachment to any one woman.  But when Lyric sweeps into his life, she makes him suddenly hungry to possess her.  Her claim to be carrying his child, though it seems impossible, makes him determined to protect her and the baby.

But war is breaking out in the paranormal world…

Life as they knew it is imploding around them and someone is trying to turn the previously peaceful inhabitants of the paranormal world into pawns in a deadly battle.  With secrets between them, keeping them apart, the two battle a raging passion while trying to figure out who is killing their people. 

The Were, The Witch and the Baby

In a world where the things that go bump in the night are real, sometimes the scariest thing is parenthood.


“I’m not sure about this.”  Colin shifted uncomfortably in the leaf printed chair.

Lyric wasn’t either.  Visiting an entirely human doctor was a little out of her comfort zone but if that was what it took to prove to the human this was really happening, she had her big witch panties on and was ready to go.

“It will be fine.”  Patting his leg, she realized she treated him a bit like a nervous puppy and bit her lip to hold back hysterical laughter.

“I mean, what do they even do at these appointments?”

Lyric was pretty sure it was the same route as the Coven doctors but humans never ceased to amuse her so, who knew?  The waiting room, all sterile and full of pictures of women cut in half, vital organs listed like band names for a concert poster, were disturbing.  As was the idea the baby was going to squash her kidney into a pea-sized blob by the end of her pregnancy…

“Lyric McAvoy?” A woman in a lab coat printed with SpongeBob and Patrick peeked out from a door at them.  This was an OBGYN office.  Who was she trying to calm with the funky coat?

It wasn’t reassuring in the least for Lyric to follow a medical professional plastered in cartoon characters.

Colin grabbed her hand.  She wasn’t sure if the move was supposed to reassure her or him.

In the waiting room, the suddenly efficient SpongeBob nurse grabbed a wipe, cleaned the table and then pulled a sheet of white paper over it.  There were scary looking metal devices at the end of the table and Lyric suddenly wished she was seeing a Coven doctor.  What the hell were the metal things for?

Grabbing another sheet of paper, SpongeBob nurse passed it to Lyric.  “Strip down to bra only and put this on.  The doctor will be in momentarily.”

Holding the paper, Lyric pondered what exactly it was supposed to be for.  It wasn’t like it would hide her nudity any.  Pretended composure?

“Why do you have to strip?” Colin asked as the door closed behind the nurse.

She didn’t know.  Since human doctors were a mystery to her, it sucked that he didn’t know either.

“Turn your back,” she commanded.

“I’ve seen it before…or we wouldn’t be in this room.”
Happy writing!!