Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sneak Peek Thursday- Two For One blurb

So, having not written much in days, I knocked out the first draft on a short story today/yesterday (I was writing pretty late and actually crossed from one day into the next.)

So, for nanowrimo, I added 6277 to my word count and created Two For One, a mfm erotic romance.

Can't believe I knocked the whole draft out in one sitting but some stories are like that.

Here's the Blurb:

Carolyn Bannister lives a very sweet life.  Co-Owner and operator of a small town bakery with her two best friends, she is contented in a way she never dreamed growing up with a disinterested mother and a letch of a stepfather.  Wrapped up in career and day to day life, she’s sure there’s nothing more she wants from life—until one silly drunken moment awakens a hunger no pastry will satisfy.

Grady Brooks and Ben Shipman take good care of their longtime buddy, Carrie.  Although they’ve shared women in the past, when the women was warm and willing, they never considered becoming sexually involved with Carrie…until one night everything changes.  Now neither can pretend not to want the one woman they’ve both always loved.

At Decadent Delights, the treats are hot and Carrie might just get…Two For One.
Happy Writing!

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