Sunday, March 25, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday-Hypnotist

Today's six sentence sunday is a snippet of my coming soon story, the Hypnotist. Hypnotist is a mf erotic romance...

The blurb:
Carnie Sabatina wants to quit smoking so when her mother gives her a free trip to the hypnotist to help her meet her goal, she heads to his office with a healthy dose of skepticism. Encountering the sexiest man that she has ever met is a bonus. If he can’t help her control her impulses and stop smoking, perhaps he can fulfill some of her other cravings…

Mike Fink is at a crossroads in his life. Recovering from an unfaithful ex who left him for his best friend, he feels that his life is at a dead end. When he walks into his office and is confronted with the most luscious woman he has ever seen, a spark of hope for the future is awakened. Will he use his gift of hypnotism to tempt her? Or will his bitterness leave him alone and needing?

When a hypnotic suggestion that Carnie take risks and go after what she desires goes awry, these characters are bound for a sexy and passionate destination. Mike may be the Hypnotist but who will wind up mesmerized?

The six:

He resisted the temptation to pick her up, slam her into a wall, and take her lips.


Her head finally tilted back and her gaze met his. Her eyes were a chocolate brown, soft and as sweet as the candy they resembled. Her cheeks were flushed, possibly with embarrassment for checking him out, and the glasses on her nose had fallen down a bit to droop.

He imagined her pitching the glasses across the room, letting that waterfall of blond fall around her shoulders and climbing his body like a monkey up a tree.

Happy writing!!

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