Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Contest time...Who wants to win some Amazonness?

Time to celebrate, folks...

So Lips of Velvet is releasing on Saturday.

And I am going on vacation that day. Which, I gotta be honest...I haven't done in YEARS.



I want to share my happy with you, my readers, my friends, my buddies. *throws hard candy at readers*

To celebrate, how about I give you free stuff?

To start, do you want to win a $20 amazon gift card? Yeah? Okay. You can do that.

Three ways to win:

1. Enter here, on my blog in the comments section belooooow.

2. Or you can email me at virg_nelson@yahoo.com

3. Or you can private message me on facebook.

But I hope you haven't stopped reading. To win you MUST TELL ME WHAT YOUR FAVORITE DRINK IS. Yeah, pretty easy. Nothing too complex. That and your email addy so I can send you your amazon card.

But that is not all.

No, no, no. I mentioned this was a big gala event, right?

Yes, a contestpalooza even.

You can also win a copy of Lips of Velvet, releasing on Saturday.

How, you may be asking, do I win that?

Ah, to win that great prize you must rummage around. You can go to my website http://virginianelson.webs.com or my publishers website http://www.rebelinkpress.com or any number of other places across this world wide web that I have blasted with the blurb over the past few months and tell me the answer to this question: WHO DRAGS SANDRA OUT FOR A NIGHT ON THE TOWN?


For that one, you must email me. You see, if you put it in the comment section, it would sort of ruin it for everyone. So...send your answer and your email addy to virg_nelson@yahoo.com with Contest in the subject line and ... we will see who wins the PDF copy of Lips of Velvet!

Both of these contests end March 31st, 2012

Best of luck to you all!

And if you can't wait and want to buy a copy...grab yours today here!

Feel free to repost.


  1. Me Me Me...I want that card...lol....and now you're gonna make me work for the copy of the book too aren't ya...LOl...that's ok...the looking is the fun part...

  2. I'd love a Amazon card. Good luck with the book!

  3. Ooohh! I would love an Amazon gift card! It would help buy some of the tbb items on my list :)
    My favorite alcoholic drink: margarita
    My favorite nonalcoholic drink: sweet tea.
    Thanks for the great contests!

  4. I've held out for long enough. I must enter.
    My favorite alcoholic drink- Amaretto sour
    Non-alcoholic drink- water with a Cherry/Pomegranate powdered drink mix added.

    You rock, honey! I'm picking up Lips of Velvet ASAP!!

  5. thanks for the chance to view a new author and get the dough to buy it too. My favorite thing to drink is ice cold filtered water with fresh squeezed lemon in it. I know boring but it helps with the weight loss. CArolyn