Saturday, March 3, 2012

A week of releases!!

As you might have noticed on the blog here, I have a new release today!

*releases the confetti and the hounds!*

*realizes it is almost 2am in my timezone and that releasing the hounds on the readers is a bad idea... calls back the hounds*

Later today I will get you buy links because I know you are all dying to read Lips of Velvet! I don't think you will be disappointed. It is sexy, fun and frisky. Just like I like em.

And I know it isn't live yet because I just searched it on Amazon and I got a bunch of lipsticks...which was sort of amusing...

But I have lots in store for you readers, as I mentioned, to celebrate this release.

Coming this week:

1. A blog tour.

So far, you can expect to see me over at Wendi Zwaduk's, Lisa Pietsch's and Buffy Christopher's blogs. More is to come and I will get you dates on those blogs as soon as possible because I know you will want to see what kind of antics I get into when I am off visiting others...

2. Contests

Because I know you guys like free stuff. So I am going to be giving away a copy of Lips of Velvet at some point to some lucky reader. And an Amazon gift card or two. You will just have to stay tuned for details... And maybe something else. I don't know. I am busy containing those hounds...we will see what happens...

3. Guest Bloggers with MORE NEW RELEASES

Yes, THERE ARE MORE NEW RELEASES. And I read one of them and plan to read the other (as I have a fangirl reader crush on the author since I stumbled upon one of her books a year or so and became addicted) and who knows who else I can talk into visiting the blog this week. Maybe I can even get that devastatingly handsome 35yoAlcoholVirgin over here. Who knows what will happen!! *Yes, I am still struggling with the hounds. They don't LIKE to be called back*

4. You didn't catch the blurb?

Okay, I will share it again. You talked me into it.

Bookworm Sandra is dragged out for a night on the town by her sister. When she meets the sexy and exotic Lucy, she is instantly attracted to her. But will their spontaneous combustion burn out as quickly as it ignites or will it lead to a long term flame?

Lucy can’t help but be drawn in by Sandra’s intelligent and fun nature. But when Sandra suggests that she was just using Lucy for sex, Lucy is a strong enough woman to hide her broken heart and walk away. A chance meeting brings them back together. Will Lucy seek revenge for a moment of stupidity?

YES!! It really releases TODAY. *throws more confetti*

Okay, get ready for a party, Virg style!!

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