Thursday, March 29, 2012

Werewolf Conspiracy

Guest blog from the fantastic Nora Snowdon!!

Conspiracy Alert!

There is a major conspiracy happening in Hollywood and, whether due to political correctness or just indifference, the media is not reporting it. I, myself, had no clue until I began my intensive research for my recent novel, Love at First Sniff. Once I started studying werewolves, the evidence was impossible to ignore.

Werewolves have taken over Hollywood. At first I thought it was a coincidence that an increasing number of gorgeous werewolves were turning up in movies and television shows. After all, other fictional characters—vampires, zombies, witches, etc., were also enjoying a resurgence. But then I realized these other ridiculous creatures were just red herrings concealing the true purpose behind these shows—human inculcation into the werewolf culture. Presenting werewolves as sexy lovable characters is the first step in normalizing their behaviors.

Look closely at some of the top movers in L.A. and tell me you don’t see the canine resemblance. George Lucas and James Cameron both produce epics about cultures clashing, drawing on their own experiences as Lycans trying to fit in with the humans they live amongst. And the very fact that they’ve never denied their werewolf heritage proves my point.

Now I am very much a believer in a world where all cultures can co-exist peacefully, but I also feel that the public has a right to know when a particular group of people (or werewolves) are pushing their agenda in the guise of entertainment. We need to stand up against werewolf propaganda and return Hollywood to its rightful position as a mindless shell for product placement. Just say “No!” to werewolves in the movie industry.

Well…unless someone wishes to film my werewolf romantic comedy, Love at First Sniff

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